Annual Quality Report 2016/2017

The Quality 2020 Strategy which was designed to protect and improve quality of health and social care in Northern Ireland was launched in 2011. The purpose of Quality 2020 was to create a strategic framework and plan of action that would protect and improve quality and therefore Patient Safety over a 10 year period.

The vision of Quality 2020 was for HSC “to be recognised internationally, but especially by the people of Northern Ireland, as a leader for excellence in health and social care.”

Quality 2020 has five Strategic Goals

  • Transforming the Culture
  • Strengthening the workforce
  • Measuring the improvement
  • Raising the standards
  • Integrating the care

Objective 4 of the Quality 2020 Strategy placed a requirement on each HSC organisation to produce a Quality Report every year. The aim of these Quality Reports is to increase accountability of the HSC organisations against the Duty of Quality that health and social care organisations are required by law to meet.

The Annual Quality Report 2016-2017 for NIMDTA is now available – please see below:



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