Annual Quality Report 2017-2018

The vision of Quality 2020 was for HSC “to be recognised internationally, but especially by the people of Northern Ireland, as a leader for excellence in health and social care.”

Quality 2020 has five Strategic Goals:

  • Transforming the Culture;
  • Strengthening the Workforce;
  • Measuring the Improvement;
  • Raising the Standards; and
  • Integrating the Care.

The purpose of Quality 2020 was to create a strategic framework and plan of action that would protect and improve quality and therefore patient safety over a ten year period.

NIMDTA recognises the vital role that postgraduate medical and dental education and training plays in ensuring patient safety and enhancing patient care. Our Annual Quality Report 2017-18 sets out what we have done to support Quality 2020 under each of the five Quality 2020 Strategic Goals.

Click the graphic below to access our report.

AQR2017-18 Executive Summary

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