Course Manager Update

The Course Manager system has recently undergone a significant upgrade which has unfortunately resulted in a few issues.

We are aware that you may have received multiple emails in relation to course evaluations. We were advised by the supplier that this was a one-off, unintended consequence of the upgrade. However, we are aware that the issue has recurred and have therefore requested that all automated emails associated with course evaluations are disabled immediately, until such time as the issue can be resolved. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience or alarm that the multiple automated emails may have caused you. The emails appear to have been sent regardless of whether or not the specific evaluation has already been completed. If you have not recently attended a course it is likely that these emails have been sent in error and can be ignored and deleted.

Users may also still experience difficulties trying to book some courses.

We are continuing to work with the supplier in order to resolve the outstanding issues with the system and hope that normal functionality will be restored in the next few days. We will provide a further update when available.

User guides for the new version of the system are available below:

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