Professional Development Plan

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is an effective means of identifying individual professional development needs and devising a structured learning pathway for satisfying these requirements.  This can be an individual plan or, alternatively, team-based, in order to ensure the whole dental team have an agreed educational development plan.

It may be that your plan is particularly ambitious or long term; there is no problem with allowing your plan to roll forwards from year to year, so long as progress is being made and any successes along the way are recorded.

  • To promote reflective practice.
  • To focus the Dental Professional on their individual educational needs.
  • To manage time spent on CPD effectively.
  • To enable the Deanery to provide educational resources to match the educational needs of the Dental Professional.
Where to Start

A good place to start is perhaps by asking some of the questions below:

  • What problems am I having?
  • Which skills do I need to extend? – These could be clinical or administrative.
  • Which direction am I/is my practice, moving in?
  • Which areas of legislation are progressing, am I/are we prepared for these?

Having asked these questions, it is important to then put into writing – on a personal development plan template, which can be downloaded from the link below – how it is that you intend to meet the requirements.  The following guidance points should be included in your plan:

  • What will be learned?
  • How will this be achieved?
  • What resources/support is required?
  • Target dates for review and completion?

At the end of the year it is important to evaluate the PDP, in order to effectively learn from the process:

  • Which were the most valuable learning activities and why?
  • In what ways has the learning been applied?
  • What learning needs might be carried forward to the next PDP?
Continue with next PDP

A PDP should reflect the specific areas for professional and personal development which are relevant to the most current point in your career.  A realistic and achievable plan should and will change in the future, therefore it should be updated at regular intervals when successive goals have been achieved.

We want to encourage you as Dental Professionals to use a PDP as part of your continual professional development and we would encourage you to contact us at NIMDTA for advice and guidance on completing a plan.


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