Dental Community Services

NIMDTA provides for continuing education opportunities for dental professionals working in the Community Dental Service/Salaried Dental Service.

The Community Dental Service (CDS) serves the community by providing direct patient care and preventative programs to people who, because of their special needs are unable to access appropriate dental services elsewhere. We will be a model of best practice in providing oral health care which is high quality, evidence-based and timely.

In order for the CDS achieve the above a few values are set. The two below are related in part to postgraduate education:

  • Ensure the team working within it have the necessary skills and competencies to deliver a quality service
  • Ensure that the delivery of oral healthcare services enshrines best practice and the availability of evidence based and is open to innovative approaches to working

The community dental practitioners can also avail themselves of the Continuing Professional Development courses which are run by NIMDTA.

NIMDTA deliver also a variety of Continuing Professional Development opportunities for the whole dental team enabling them to keep up to date and deliver quality patient care.