Equivalent Courses / Events

Please note that these courses only apply to NIMDTA Recognised Trainers who have achieved recognition and are now on GMC List of Registered Medical Practitioners.  All courses contained within this booklet will count towards renewing recognition by the date stated on the NIMDTA Certificate of Recognition.

The NIMDTA Faculty Development Group recognises that Trainers may have attended a variety of events hosted by external bodies such as Royal Colleges. The following is a list of courses or events that are recognised as equivalent training for Trainers. It should not be seen as exhaustive and will be amended/updated from time to time.

Details of any courses not on this list (including programme and learning outcomes) should be sent to the Faculty Development Group for consideration of content (recognised.trainers@hscni.net).

Teaching the Teacher 

Trainee Support

  • Many Royal Colleges cover generic trainee support training as part of supervisory skills courses or as stand-alone courses. These are acceptable but must also be supplemented with knowledge of NIMDTA policies on Management of Trainees Requiring Support and Reporting Concerns of Undermining, Bullying or Harassment which outline local pathways for dealing with trainee support issues (http://www.nimdta.gov.uk/trainee-policies-and-guidance/, see under generic policies).
  • NIMDTA iQuest Module 11: Supporting Trainees (completed as a Trainee within last 3 years)
  • NIMDTA/HSC Trust-run trainee support workshop (recommended for newly appointed trainers)
  • Trainee Support is covered by the relevant module in the Certificate in Clinical Education (QUB) (NB: Enrolment from September 2014 onwards only).

Effective Supervision

Equality, diversity and opportunity training

Equivalent Courses for Maintaining Recognition

Upon completion of all requirements, Trainers will be issued with a NIMDTA Certificate of Recognition which will last for five years. In order to maintain this recognition beyond the five year period, further training must be completed.

Please click here to view examples of activities that can contribute to maintain recognition and inform the annual review of educational role.

Further information can be found in the NIMDTA Achieving and Maintaining Policy.

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