Guides for Supervisors

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Clinical Supervisors Job Description

Educational Supervisors Job Description

Guidance for Clinical Supervision of GP Trainees

Professional Support Unit Guide For Educators

Trainee Support leaflets

Supporting Educators

Time To Train

Facilitating Reflection

Facilitating reflection- A guide for supervisors

Facilitating Reflection - A guide for supervisors

Induction Guidance for Supervisors of Trainees

Reflective Practice Toolkit

The Gold Guide - 7th Edition

CoPMED Revalidation Guidance for Trainees

Revalidation Requirements Across Full Scope Of Practice

FAQs Re Full Scope Of Work

NIMDTA Study Leave Policy

Conflict, Bulling and Harassment Policy

Intrepid Course Manager Guide


Further information can be found in the NIMDTA Achieving and Maintaining Policy

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