Meet the Mentors – Mentor Biographies

Dr Fiona Allen

I qualified from QUB in 1987 and have been a GP for the last 24 years.
In that time I have worked as a sessional GP, a GP retainer, a GP principal  and currently as a part-time salaried GP in a rural practice.
I have been a GP appraiser since the introduction of appraisal (about 16 years ago) and during that time I was the regional appraisal coordinator for four years before resuming my role as an appraiser in the last eighteen months.
I enjoy being an appraiser most when I can help GPs realise they are doing a good job and support them in times of difficulty.
In the current climate GPs require more support than ever. I see the development of mentoring for GPs as a positive step and would feel privileged to be able to provide guidance and support for colleagues through this role. 

Dr Susan Buchanan

I am a sessional GP in the Southern trust and also work in OOH and as an GP appraiser. I am from Scotland and studied at the University of Glasgow. I competed my VTS in 2008 and am acutely aware of the rapid changes which have taken place in the working lives of GPs over recent years.
As the demands and expectations of our profession escalate it can be difficult at times not to succumb to overwhelm. External pressures or changes in personal circumstance can also make our working lives more challenging.
In my role as a mentor I hope to help other GPs enhance their natural resilience, resist maladaptive coping mechanisms and reframe how we see ourselves and our role. My interests include personality and how it affects our practice and the relationship between medicine and the humanities.

Dr Stephen Harte

I am a GP who is also an executive leadership coach recommended by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.  Particular areas of interest include: managing career transitions, dealing with conflict in teams, work place culture, time management, wellbeing and burnout, career planning, & personal leadership development. My portfolio career includes sessional GP work, being an appraiser, GP specialty training, undergraduate medical education, tropical medicine and overseas volunteer work. I love football, gigs, and travel!

Dr Zara Mayne 

I am a portfolio GP, currently working as a GP locum in Belfast and the Northern area and also in GP Out of Hours, as a GP appraiser, a medical member on benefit appeals tribunal panels, and more recently as an examiner for QUB OSCEs. A Queen’s University graduate I completed my GP training in 2006, and have been a GP partner in two practices and have worked in a temporary post as a HSCB medical adviser.
I have a wide range of experience in a variety of clinical and non-clinical roles and a particular interest in supporting the development of portfolio GP careers. I value being approachable and empathic in my clinical work and other roles.

Dr Barbara Savage

I qualified from Queens in 2000 and having previously worked as a salaried GP and as a GP partner, I am currently a sessional GP in the Northern area. I am also a GP appraiser, a medical adviser for the HSCB and a medical manager for the Southern Trust. Through my various roles, I have gained some understanding of the range of challenges facing GPs and developed an interest in GP welfare. I have been fortunate to have had informal mentoring from colleagues at certain times throughout my career and this has been of great value to me. Hence, I welcome the mentoring programme and hope that this will be of benefit within the GP profession. In my spare time, I like to spend time with family and especially enjoy outdoor activities.

Dr Michelle Stone

I have been a GP partner in Whitehead now for twenty five years. I am involved in GP education through being a trainer, and working in NIMDTA. I have also been an appraiser in the past. As GPs we sometimes all need some professional support.

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