MRCGP – ePortfolio and Exams

The MRCGP is made up of; workplace-based assessment (WPBA) which is recorded on an ePortfolio, the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT).

Each of these components is independent and addresses different competencies and skills, which would be expected of a GP Specialty Trainee but together they cover the curriculum for specialty training for general practice.  To obtain a Certificate in Completion of Training (CCT) the trainee must satisfactorily complete all three components as well as doing a full 36 months in GP Training.

Useful links to the RCGP Website
Guidance on completing the eportfolio
Educational Supervisors Reports (ESR)
The ESR is one of the most important assessments carried out on the ePortfolio with your GP Trainer or Educational Supervisor.

The reports are completed twice per year; in January & June.
It is very important that you submit the review on time, see ARCP Panel section.

What are the ESR Deadlines?
ESR 1 – submission date Thursday 19 January 2017All GP Trainees (incl OOS & OOP Trainees)

ESR 2 – submission & ARCP dates for June 2017


  • ESR 2 – 18/05/2017
  • ARCP Panel – 01/06/2017

Out of Sync and Out of Post Trainees at all levels

  • ESR 2 – 26/05/2017
  • ARCP panel – 08/06/2017


  • ESR 2 – 31/05/2017
  • ARCP Panel – 15/06/2017


  • ESR 2 – 09/06/2017
  • ARCP Panel – 22/06/2017

A completed Enhanced Form R must be submitted by all ST1/ST2/Out of Sync and ST3 trainees by 12 May 2017 provide a fully completed Form R by this date will mean an adverse ARCP Outcome. 

What is an ARCP Panel?
The ARCP Panels role is to review your progression based on the evidence contained in the eportfolio. The Panel makes a recommendation about your training. The possible outcomes and more about the panel can be viewed in the Gold Guide for Specialty Training

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