Out of Hours

Out of Hours (OOH) training is an important part of GP Training. A total of 108 hours are completed over 18 months in General Practice Training.

All trainees must complete Out of Hours training within their area group & with a registered Out of Hours Clinical Supervisor (see list).

Please see below for further information:

How many hours?
  • In ST2 GP – a minimum of 36 hours must be completed
  • In ST3 GP – a minimum of 72 hours must be completed
  • Sessions should be completed throughout the placement (ie one per month)
What documents do I complete?
  • Record of Session Form (ROS). Please submit this form to NIMDTA & upload a copy to the eportfolio / complete a learning log entry.
  • Sample RoS Form
  • A record of session form should be submitted to NIMDTA immediately after the session happens to ensure that your Clinical Supervisor receives payment.
  • RoS forms must be received within 30 days of the session taking place.  RoS forms received after this time may not be counted.
  • All sessions should be completed, submitted and uploaded to ePortfolio prior to the ARCP Panel
  • OOH Guidance
  • Curriclum Map          Baseline Needs Assessment Tool          Record of Progression

List of approved Clinical Supervisors
  • Where possible OOH experience and training will be supervised and conducted by a GP Trainee’s usual GP Trainer or, if this is not possible then clinical supervision in OOH training may be carried out by an accredited Clinical Supervisor (CS).
  • Current OOH Clinical Supervisor List
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The Trainee Workbook & Guidance documents are currently under review, if you have any suggestions we would be grateful for your feedback by emailing gpspecialtytraining.nimdta@hscni.net

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