GP EQUIP Programme

NIMDTA GP department’s EQUIP (Experience in Quality Improvement) programme is attracting international recognition and validation.118799 NIMDTA - Equip Logo FINAL-01

A summary of the EQUIP programme has recently been presented at the Meta ECHO event in Albuqurque, New Mexico “Utilising the ECHO Model for Quality Improvement: A Glimpse across the Global Spectrum of Implementa”.

Dr Nigel Hart (Associate Director for Quality Improvement) had recently presented a workshop on “EQUIPping GPs to be leaders in Improvement” at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare on 28 March 2019 in Glasgow.

The Royal College of General Practitioners has recently made a video about NIMDTA’s EQUIP programme as an exemplar of good practice for QI training.

Read more about the EQUIP programme at


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