Celebration of Completion of Training Awards Ceremony – 14 June 2017

CCT invite


Trainees are warmly invited to celebrate their success in attaining a Certificate of Completion of Training during the training year 2016/17 with family and friends at NIMDTA’s Annual Educational Excellence Day on Wednesday 14 June 2017 at the Stormont Hotel. NIMDTA are delighted that trainees have successfully completed their training programmes and would like to acknowledge that fantastic achievement publicly at an Awards Ceremony.

The Educational Excellence Day will be opened by Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer and will feature a keynote address by Mr Richard Pengelly, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health and Chief Executive of Health and Social Care NI.  There will be a presentation of Awards for Educational Excellence, ADEPT Clinical Leadership Fellow Presentations and Awards, the launch of NIMDTA’s Valued Strategy and introduction of NIMDTA Trainee Ambassadors.

NIMDTA hopes that trainees are able to join us for the Completion of Training Awards Ceremony, if not the whole day, with two members of their family or friends to the Ceremony and post-Ceremony Reception.

Trainees who are eligible to attend should have received a personal invite from NIMDTA and are asked to RSVP to ValuedTrainees@hscni.net by Wednesday 31 May 2017 to let us know whether they can attend the event and how many family or friends plan to accompany (up to 2 guests are invited).

A programme for the event can be found by clicking here.


NIJAC – Mental Health Review Tribunal Vacancy

The Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Commission (NIJAC) is inviting applications for the office of fee paid Medical Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal. It is intended to make one appointment and to maintain a reserve list for 12 months from the anticipated date of the first appointment.

Further details can be found below:


Innovative Specialty Development Posts in Core Medicine, Paediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynaecology

Focus groups with doctors in training in Northern Ireland have shown that while many post-Foundation doctors know what specialty they want to enter, others are keen to explore different career options, develop their CV and work for professional examinations.

In response to this desire for greater flexibility, NIMDTA is pleased to announce as part of NIMDTA’s VALUED initiative an innovative Specialty Development Programme.

This completely new programme offers doctors the opportunity to gain experience and training 4 days per week in a training post in core medicine, paediatrics or obstetrics/gynaecology in NI and 1 day/week offers trainees additional developmental opportunities to explore different specialties (through taster days), develop their teaching skills (medical education project), undertake a quality improvement/service development project within their Trust and attend focused career development sessions (leadership skills, communication skills, examination preparation, teaching skills, journal club skills, chairing skills and interview practice).

The training in the base specialty programme (core medicine, paediatrics or obstetrics/gynaecology) will be recognised pro rata in that programme if doctors are successful in entering that specialty programme subsequently (9 months recognition for the 12-month post).  In addition, these doctors will be able to attend formal teaching sessions in that programme, the iQuest generic skills programme and receive support through the lead educators for that programme, study leave funding and NIMDTA’s professional support team.

This innovative programme offers doctors who are unsure about what they want to do next a fantastic opportunity to explore other career options, make themselves more competitive for subsequent specialty applications and have that training and experience credited towards a specialty programme if they subsequently enter that programme – while being supported by NIMDTA.

Specialty Level Number of vacancies Lead Recruiter Interview Dates How to Apply
Specialty Development Post – Core Medicine LAT CT1 A minimum of 1 Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency 24 May 2017 Oriel
Specialty Development Post – Obstetrics and Gynaecology LAT ST1 A minimum of 1 Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency 24 May 2017 Oriel
Specialty Development Post – Paediatrics LAT ST1 A minimum of 1 Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency 24 May 2017 Oriel

HSC Pension Service Poster

Please find below the latest electronic poster from HSC Pension Service.

This purpose of this poster is to alert scheme members of the rules governing pension benefits built up in other HSC Pension Schemes, i.e. NHS England & Wales, Scottish Public Pensions Agency & Isle of Man NHS Scheme.

The schemes in each region are independent of each other and as a result benefits are not automatically transferred to each scheme if a person moves their employment. The member must initiate the transfer by contacting the receiving scheme, in Northern Ireland it is ourselves in HSC Pension Service.

There was previously an open ended approach where these transfers were allowed to take place up to retirement age, however as a result in rules changing; members must request a transfer of benefits within 1 year of joining the scheme (the same as the rules applying to transfers from non-NHS Pension Schemes).

HSC Pension Service has extended the date for member’s unaware NHS to NHS Transfer of Benefits rule until 30th September for retrospective applications. Going forward all new members who wish to transfer in benefits to the HSC Pension Scheme must submit an application within 1 year of joining the scheme as required under HMRC Legislation.



NIMDTA Trainee Ambassadors

NIMDTA believe that NI Medical and Dental trainees should be VALUED. We strive to ensure that trainees are listened to, supported and provided with high quality training opportunities. This has led to the development of a VALUED strategy, which has the following aims for training in NI:

Voice of the trainee is listened to
Applaud & acclaim trainee success
Life-work balance of trainees is promoted
Up to date & high quality training is delivered
Enhanced learning opportunities are provided
Distinctive from service posts

A new role for trainees to become Trainee Ambassadors has been developed by NIMDTA under the VALUED strategy, with the overall objectives of:

  • Promoting connections between trainees
  • Highlighting benefits of training
  • Strengthening the engagement between NIMDTA and trainees

NIMDTA will support trainees in this role via 3 monthly meetings, to assist ambassadors to learn new skills, develop and share new ideas and explore any issues. Ambassadors will initially be appointed for a 1 year period, with the option to continue in post after this if desired and with the support of educational supervisors.

Please see below for further details and an application form:


Trainee Research Day – 19 October 2017

The annual Trainee Research Day is scheduled to be held on Thursday 19 October 2017 at the Postgraduate Centre, Belfast City Hospital.

The draft programme for the event is available below:


Best Poster at Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Society of Oral Medicine

Congratulations to Conor O’Gorman, NIMDTA Dental Core Trainee based at the Dental School in Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery, for winning the prize for the best poster presentation of a case report at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Society of Oral Medicine in Dublin last week. Congratulations also to his supervising consultant Dr Amanda Willis


NIJAC Judicial Opportunities for Registered Medical Practitioners

The Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Commission (NIJAC) is seeking to appoint various doctors to include Consultants, GPs and other eligible medical practitioners to sit as fee paid members of the Appeal Tribunals. It is intended to maintain a reserve list for 12 months from the anticipated date of the first appointment (29 September 2017).

Please see below for details:


What follows #hellomynameis…?

A half-day communication skills training opportunity has been arranged for trainees across all specialties from F2 – CT2 / ST2.

Please see below for details:



Annual Educational Excellence Day

NIMDTA will be holding its Second Annual Educational Excellence Day on Wednesday 14 June 2017.  The Educational Excellence Day aims to officially recognise and celebrate the success during the academic year 2016/17 of high achieving doctors and dentists in training in NIMDTA’s training programmes.

The event will be held in the Ballroom at the Stormont Hotel,  Upper Newtownards Rd, Belfast BT4 3LP. We are delighted to welcome Mr Richard Pengelly, Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health, to deliver the Keynote Lecture on Valuing the HSC Workforce.

We are going to acknowledge and acclaim the achievements of doctors and dentists in training at this event through a series of awards for excellence in research, clinical education, quality improvement, examinations, national awards, and outstanding contributions to Society.

Trainees can be nominated by submitting the Dare to Excel nomination form. Both trainees and educators are eligible to make nominations for trainees. If trainees are to be nominated for one or more award, a nomination form must be submitted for each category of excellence. All nomination forms must be returned along with any corresponding abstracts/papers/letters to ValuedTrainees@hscni.net by 5pm on Friday 19 May 2017.

The event will also provide the 2016/17 ADEPT Clinical Leadership Fellows with the opportunity to present a summary of the projects that they have been engaged in during this year in their host organisations to a distinguished panel.

NIMDTA will be launching its VALUED strategy at this Educational Excellence Day.  VALUED seeks to welcome, attract, develop, support, engage and encourage doctors and dentists to remain in Northern Ireland.

This prestigious event welcomes trainees and educators to attend regardless of nomination to an excellence award category. Click here to reserve a place at the event.