Shortage Occupation List

From 6 October 2019, all medical practitioners have been added to the Shortage Occupation List in the UK. This means that medical practitioners are exempt from the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) when applying to foundation and specialty training programmes, with the exception of Public Health, subject to eligibility.

Call for RQIA Clinical Trainee Associates!

RQIAThe Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) is responsible for monitoring and inspecting the availability and quality of HSC services in Northern Ireland.
RQIA undertakes a rolling programme of unannounced hospital inspections. Inspections examine the quality of care and the leadership of services within specific clinical areas.

As a Clinical Trainee Associate, you would participate in these inspections with a multidisciplinary team to help identify areas of good practice (to promote and share learning) and areas which require attention (to support and drive improvement).

This is an important Leadership opportunity which is endorsed by the Department of Health Medical Leaders Forum and the Medical Directors of the HSC Trusts.
You will gain knowledge of the systems, processes and innovative work going on in other units, gain insight to the wider HSC network and experience something different!

You will be provided with induction, training and support to undertake the role.
Applicants must be ST3 level and above.

Please contact Dr Stuart Brown, ST6 Psychiatry and ADEPT fellow, for further information and detail!


The Peer Interview Scheme

Peer Interview poster 2-page-001NOVEMBER newsletter

The peer interview scheme provides interview preparation courses for those applying to both

core and higher speciality training posts. We need YOU to interview your peers! 

Advantages for the interviewer are:
•Understanding the structure and running of an interview process
•Recruitment and Selection training as part of the process
•Identifying good technique by peers who are undergoing a mock interview process.
•Providing support for junior trainees who appreciate your guidance

Dates of the interview scheme are as follows:
•Foundation to Specialty Interview: 9th January & 15th January 2020 from  18:30- 20:30
•Core to higher Interview: 10th February & 12th March 2020  from  18:30- 20:30

If you would like to take part as faculty (as a peer interviewer on the night) please register your interest by emailing with the title ‘peer INTERVIEWER.’


For those wishing to take part as delegates: Booking will become active on Intrepid 9th December. Places will be filled on a first come first serve basis and are limited to 24 places each evening.  Trainees will have preference over non-training applicants.


For more information click the link:

General Practice Training in Northern Ireland

Watch the videos below to find out why this is an exciting time to be training in General Practice in Northern Ireland:

“Save the Date” – Professional Support Faculty Development Study Day 30th April 2020

PSU Study Day

 You are warmly invited to attend Professional Support Faculty Development Study Day which is being held in conjunction with our colleagues from QUB on Thursday 30th April 2020 at the Riddell Hall, QUB.

This all-day event is targeted at the medical and dental professionals to identify potential challenges for individuals, groups of learners and effective implementation of support mechanisms.

The aim of this conference is to explore the areas of performance which can present as challenges for doctors and dentists in training.

The theme of the conference this year is on ‘ Supporting Performance During Medical and Dental Training’. 
Please note numbers are limited to a maximum of 200 places.

Further information will be disseminated in the coming months.


Peer Interview Scheme

Peer Interview Scheme (5)-page-001

The peer interview scheme is a scheme run for trainees by trainees who have first hand, relevant experience of undertaking interviews themselves.
The scheme has significantly improved trainee participants’ confidence in undertaking interview at core and higher specialty levels for the last two years.

The evening involves:
• Interview technique training
• A mock interview circuit and
• Access to multiple specialty trainees for hints and tips!  

Booking will become active on Intrepid 9th December.  Places will be filled on a first come first serve basis and are limited to 24 places each evening.  Trainees will have preference over non-training applicants.

If you would like to take part as faculty (as a peer interviewer on the night) please register your interest by emailing with the title ‘peer INTERVIEWER.’

MCA Flyer for trainees October 2019

MCA Flyer for trainees Updated October 2019-page-001MCA Flyer For Trainees October 2019

NIMDTA Alumnus Network

The NIMDTA Alumnus Network was first established in 2018, when its first newsletter was published.

The aim of this network is help previous trainees remain connected with their former colleagues, with education and training and with NIMDTA. Joining the Alumnus network enables previous trainees to hear about opportunities within training programmes and for those post CCT to hear about opportunities to remain engaged with postgraduate medical and dental education through involvement with NIMDTA as a clinical facilitator, trainer or educator.

Newsletters are published twice-yearly, providing updates for former NIMDTA trainees and informing about new NIMDTA initiatives as well as training and networking events. In addition, we will be creating a new Alumnus section on the website. We also welcome feedback and suggestions from former trainees, trainers and educators.

Joining has been set up to be as straightforward as possible with automatic enrolment to include doctors who have completed Foundation, Core or Higher training this year in the membership and on the email circulation list. If you do not wish to be included please email letting us know your name, contact email address and the training programme you have just completed and we will remove your details from the list.

To sign up for further updates, contact for subscription.

Edition 4 of this newsletter is available here ( )

MCA Flyer for Trainees

MCA Flyer for trainees September 2019-page-001Click here for page links

Independent Medical Examiner Information sheet for NI Trainees

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