NIMDTA believe that NI Medical and Dental trainees should be VALUED. We strive to ensure that trainees are listened to, supported and provided with high quality training opportunities. This has led to the development of a VALUED strategy, to ensure that:

Voice is listened to
Applaud & acclaim success
Life-work balance
Up to date & high quality training
Enhanced learning opportunities

The Strategy can be viewed by clicking on the images below:

Medical Strategy

Dental Strategy


Click image to view the Medical Strategy

VALUED Strategy - Dental

Click image to view the Dental Strategy

Over 20 initiatives have already been developed under this strategy, and NIMDTA plans to work with trainees, trainers, Trusts and other organisations to continue to develop practical ways to ensure that trainees are Valued.

Find out more by watching the short VALUED animation and exploring the links below.

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Valued Newsletter