Management of Trainees Requiring Support

Guidance in Relation to the Management of Trainees Requiring Support is available from our Trainee Policies / Guidance page.

The policy has been written with a view to defining the procedures for dealing with trainees who may require additional support.  The aims of the policy are to promote early identification of such trainees and provide a clear structure for identifying and addressing concerns.  It is based upon the principle of acting fairly, supportively and confidentially when dealing with problem situations that arise and draws and should be read in conjunction with the publication from the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety on ‘Maintaining High Professional Standards: A framework for the handling of concerns about doctors and dentists in the HSC’  This guidance provides the disciplinary framework for doctors and dentists in Health and Social Care and requires all HSC bodies to have procedures in place for handling serious concerns about an individual’s conduct. The guidance covers restriction of practice and exclusion from work; conduct hearings and disciplinary matters and procedures for dealing with issues of performance.

It is the duty of all doctors/dentists to protect patients where it is believed that a doctor’s/dentist’s conduct, performance or ill health is a cause of concern.  It is therefore the responsibility of the team with whom a trainee is working to highlight concerns before they become too severe and to enable the trainee to access the right help.

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