Dental Recruitment


Dental Foundation Training 2019-20

Recruitment for Dental Foundation Training is now open for 2019-2020.  Please visit the COPDEND website at the following link for further information, of foundation_dftnationalrecruitment 2018.   

Applications for Foundation Training can be made through Oriel, 

Please contact the Support Portal if you have any queries regarding Foundation recruitment. 

Dental Core Training Recruitment 2019-20

Recruitment has now closed for the post of Educational Supervisors within the Northern Ireland Dental Foundation Training Scheme 2018-2019.

For more information in relation to the post of Educational Supervisor please see below.


As an Educational Supervisor you will have the responsibility of guiding the Foundation Dentist at a pivotal stage of their career. The role is that of mentor and professional role model and aims to develop the theory and experience gained as an undergraduate to become an independent confident NHS dentist who will be able to work safely, efficiently and effectively.

Applications for the Dental Foundation Training Scheme 2019-2020 will open in December 2018.

For further information, please email