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Restorative Dentistry ST1 recruitment 2018

We will be recruiting an ST1 in Restorative Dentistry to commence post on  Wednesday 5 September 2018

Applications will be available via Oriel  from 9am Friday 6 April 2018 until 4pm Friday 4 May 2018 (UK local time)

Before applying please ensure you read the following eligibility & guidance documents:

2018 Restorative Dentistry Applicants Guide 2018 Restorative Dentistry Applicant Handbook NIMDTA

ST1 Restorative Dentistry Person Specification 2018 Restorative Dentistry ST1 Person Specification

StR Restorative Dentistry Job Description 2018 Restorative Dentistry ST1 Job Description

There are also guides available in the resource bank of the national recruitment portal to assist you with completing your application.

To be considered for longlisting you must complete the relevant online application form. No other documentation will be accepted at the application stage.

Late applications will not be considered.

Interviews will be held on Wednesday 6 June 2018, further information on the location and format is available in Version 1.01 of the Applicants Guide available above.

Dental Foundation Training 2018-19


Practice Profile Photographs
 Adam Jeffers  Adam Jeffers - Practice Profile Adam Jeffers - Loughry Dental Practice
 Cara McAuley  Cara McAuley - Practice Profile
 Christine Thomson  Christine Thomson - Practice Profile Christine Thomson - Vita Dental Care
 Claire Hughes  Claire Hughes - Practice Profile
 Dermot Morgan  Dermot Morgan - Practice Profile
 Diane McAlister  Diane McAlister - Practice Profile  DIane McAlister - Dental Care
 Gavin Maguire  Gavin Maguire - Practice Profile
 James Kielt  James Kielt - Practice Profile  Jame Kielt - Catherine Street Dental Care
 Jeremy Doogan  Jeremy Doogan - Practice Profile  Jeremy Doogan - Doogan Dental Care
 Joan Lockhart  Joan Lockhart Practice Profile  Joan Lockhart - Abercorn Dental Care
 Joseph Murphy  Joseph Murphy - Practice Profile
 Kathleen Beirne  Kathleen Beirne - Practice Profile
 Kegan Lewis  Kegan Lewis - Practice Profile  Kegan Lewis - SperrinSmile Dental Care
 Lida Fartash  Lida Fartash - Practice Profile  Lida Fartash - Elite Dental Practice
 Lisa Light  Lisa Light - Practice Profile  Lisa Light - Ballyholme Dental Practice
 Mark Connaughty  Mark Connaughty - Practice Profile
 Mark Johnston  Mark Johnston - Practice Profile
 Mary-Claire Carroll  Mary-Claire Carroll - Practice Profile  Mary-Claire Carroll - Sliabh Mor Dental Care
 Michael Clements  Michael Clements - Practice Profile  Michael Clements - Clements Dental Care
 Neale Armstrong  Neale Armstrong - Practice Profile  Neale Armstrong - Armstrong Dental Practice
 Nigel Magee & George Cortvriend  Nigel Magee George Cortvriend - Practice Profile  Nigel Magee And George Cortvriend - Magee Dental Care
 Owen Devlin  Owen Devlin - Practice Profile Owen Devlin - Devlin Dental Practice
 Paul Cochrane & Marie Sharkey Paul Cochrane Marie Sharkey - Practice Profile
 Paul O’Hare  Paul OHare - Practice Profile
 Peter Lawson & Darren Walsh  Peter Lawson And Darren Walsh - Practice Profile  Peter Lawson And Darren Walsh - Lawson Dental
 Rachel Hall  Rachel Hall - Practice Profile  Rachel Hall - Bupa Dental Care
 Richard Martin  Richard Martin - Practice Profile  Richard Martin - RJM Dental Care
 Robert Millar  Robert Millar - Practice Profile
 Stuart Fitzgerald  Stuart Fitzgerald - Practice Profile  Stuart Fitzgerald - Bupa Dental Care Newtownabbey
 Thomas Lee  Thomas Lee - Practice Profile  Thomas Lee - Thomas Lee Dental Surgery
Dental Core Training Recruitment 2018

Please be advised that applications are now invited for the posts of DCT 1 and DCT 2 located in Altnagelvin Area Hospital from September 2018-September 2019.

These posts provide the opportunity for those who have completed Dental Foundation Training to gain further skills, knowledge and experience.

The post holder will gain exposure and experience in the delivery of Oral surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics.

Interviews will be held on 23 August 2018 in NIMDTA.

Applications can now be made through the Oriel system.

Please contact if you require any further information.

Recruitment has now closed for the post of Educational Supervisors within the Northern Ireland Dental Foundation Training Scheme 2018-2019.

For more information in relation to the post of Educational Supervisor please see below.


As an Educational Supervisor you will have the responsibility of guiding the Foundation Dentist at a pivotal stage of their career. The role is that of mentor and professional role model and aims to develop the theory and experience gained as an undergraduate to become an independent confident NHS dentist who will be able to work safely, efficiently and effectively.

Applications for the Dental Foundation Training Scheme 2019-2020 will open in December 2018.

For further information, please email