Revalidation started on 3 December 2012. Revalidation applies to all doctors, including those in training, from Foundation Year 2 upwards.  If you are a trainee in the Northern Ireland Deanery the Postgraduate Dean is your Responsible Officer (RO) and the Northern Ireland Deanery is your Designated Body.  As a doctor your RO will make a recommendation to the GMC that you are up to date, fit to practise and should be revalidated.

It is anticipated that the vast majority of trainees will revalidate without any problems, as they are already closely supervised. The process for Revalidation for trainees is aimed at ensuring that employers and educational and clinical supervisors have a process to share information when needed, so that trainees can be best supported in their revalidation process.

Trainees currently revalidate at the point of eligibility for CCT and if their GMC revalidation date does not align to this, revalidation has been deferred to CCT.  From April 2016, trainees with a CCT date later than March 2018 or without a CCT date, their first revalidation recommendation will no longer automatically be linked with CCT date.

This will occur 5 years after gaining full registration with a licence to practice.  A further revalidation recommendation will take place at the point of eligibility for CCT.  It is expected that revalidation will continue to be coupled with CCT date, meaning that many trainees will revalidate twice during training.

For trainees in shorter training programmes (eg General Practice), first revalidation may take place at point of CCT if this is sooner than 5 years from obtaining full registration.

There is a designated section on the GMC website for the revalidation of doctors in training which includes the GMC Revalidation Booklet.

The Revalidation Operational Policy can be accessed below:

Key Staff/Contacts

Name and Position Contact Details
Prof Keith Gardiner
Postgraduate Medical Dean and Responsible Officer for all junior doctors in training within the Northern Ireland Deanery
Denise Hughes
Quality Manager
Tel: 028 9040 0007
Bronagh Higgins
Revalidation Executive Officer
Tel: 028 9040 0038

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