RQIA Clinical Trainee Associate Programme

For the attention of all medical trainees in years ST3 and above

In conjunction with NIMDTA’s VALUED strategy, RQIA is delighted to invite you to apply to join a panel of your peers as RQIA Clinical Trainee Associates.

This new role is designed to support RQIA’s Acute Hospital Inspection teams through enhancing their engagement with junior medical staff during each inspection.

You will be directly involved in the work of the inspections, which can last 2-3 days. You will use the knowledge and experience gained during your medical training to assist in evaluating a service.

You will be interacting with your peers working in the units undergoing inspection to gain their insights, both positive and negative, through interaction on the wards and through focus groups; which you will lead.

You will be asked to provide immediate feedback to the senior members of the inspection team and be able to observe how this feedback is utilised and fed back to the Trust undergoing inspection.

Your findings and conclusions will directly contribute to the inspection team’s final report which will be published on the RQIA website.

As part of the programme you will come to RQIA for face-to-face induction and training specifically for the inspections you will be involved in. You will also gain a broader insight into the HSC network and learn from senior leaders within RQIA improving your own leadership skills.

In this first cohort we aim to recruit 10 trainees to the programme.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed and time-out will be supported through study leave.

Training will provided on Friday 1 December 9am – 12MD.

If you are interested complete the application form and email it to valuedtrainees@hscni.net by 23:59 on the Friday November 2017


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