Leadership Opportunities

National training reports have highlighted that medical and dental education extends well beyond learning the technical aspects of these professions and should also focus to a major extent on the development of a doctor’s or dentist’s professional values, attitudes and behaviours.

These reports indicated that the ability to communicate effectively, empathise, lead, follow and be diligent and conscientious are capabilities that all doctors and dentist should develop. Leadership and teamwork capabilities constitute one of these important domains.

NIMDTA is committed to providing trainees with training in and opportunities to develop leadership and teamworking skills.

Leadership and Teamworking Training
Foundation trainees: The Foundation Generic Skills Programme provides an opportunity to self-assess what type of team player someone is and looks at characteristics doctors need to work in teams

Specialty trainees: iQuest the Generic Professional Capabilities programme for specialty trainees provides sessions on teamwork and leadership of trainees in their initial, intermediate and final years of specialty training:

  1. Initial – Module 5- Working with Others
  2. Intermediate – Module 9 – Leading a Team on Call
  3. Final – Modules 12-14 – Building High Performance Teams; Clinical Leadership- Understanding the Financial Context; Clinical Leadership- Improving Services and Managing Transformational Change

ADEPT Clinical Leadership Training:  This is open to GP trainees entering ST3 in August 2016 and hospital specialty trainees entering ST4 level or above in August 2016.  Currently there are eight ADEPT Clinical Leadership Trainees. These trainees take a year out of programme when they are placed in a host organisation, work on projects under the supervision of that host organisation, attend a leadership development programme and receive coaching and mentoring.

Leadership Opportunities
Leadership Opportunities

NIMDTA Training Committees, School Boards:  There are opportunities for trainees to show leadership by becoming involved in NIMDTA committees where they bring forward trainee perspectives and assist their colleagues by highlighting important developments in postgraduate clinical training and education

Trainee Fora: Trainees are given the opportunity in HSC Trusts and at NIMDTA to be involved in Trainee Fora where their ideas, concerns and innovations can be communicated, considered and acted upon if appropriate

NIMDTA Visiting Teams: Trainees are invited to be members of NIMDTA visiting teams which visit all training units in NI on a 5 year cycle.  Trainees should not be a member of a team which visits their own specialty or their current hospital/Trust.  If interested in volunteering for this opportunity please email quality.nimdta@hscni.net

NIMDTA ARCP Panels: Senior NIMDTA trainees who are members of NIMDTA Training Committees or School Boards may be invited to be a trainee representative on an ARCP panel.

NIMDTA Educational Events: NIMDTA trainees at all grades may be invited to contribute to the delivery of NIMDTA induction and formal education events and may be invited to join the faculty of national accredited training courses if they perform highly at provider courses and attend instructor training.

Mentoring Schemes:  NIMDTA trainees may be invited to mentor more junior trainees in their specialty or their Trust at the request of their training programme or their Trust.  Training and guidance will be provided for this role

Participation in activities of HSC bodies: Trainees may be given leadership opportunities through becoming involved in reviews by the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority, membership of regional medical workforce planning groups led by the Public Health Agency, eHealth initiatives led by Health and Social Care Board; short term working groups (eg Fit Testing Group; Quality 2020 Task groups) or leadership/quality improvement groups set up by HSC trusts.

How to get involved:

Trainees can approach their Head of School, Specialty or Foundation Training Programme Director to request further information on how to get involved in any of the opportunities listed above, or email foundation.nimdta@hscni.net or specialty.nimdta@hscni.net for advice.