Specialty Training Contacts

For Specialty queries, please use the relevant email address listed below:









Name and Position Contact Details
Hospital Specialty Training
General enquiries
Tel: 028 9536 0223
Email: specialtytraining.nimdta@hscni.net
Dr Ian Steele
Associate Dean – Specialty Training and Quality Management
Tel: 028 9536 0223
Email: Ian.Steele@hscni.net
Dr Anita Smyth 
Deputy Director of Hospital Specialty Training
Tel: 028 9536 0223
Email: Anita.Smyth@hscni.net
Emma Dale
Hospital Specialty Training Manager
Tel: 028 95360116
Email: Emma.Dale@hscni.net
Laura Wright
Hospital Specialty Training Coordinator
Tel: 028 9536 0121
Email: Laura.Wright@hscni.net
Andrew Dainty
Hospital Executive Officer School of Medicine (including Public Health Medicine & Medical Microbiology)
Tel: 028 9536 0115
Email: Andrew.Dainty@hscni.net
Jo-Anne Cairns
Hospital Executive Officer School of Medicine – Core Medical Training (+Clin Onc, Med Onc, Neurology, Dermatology, Haematology & Palliative Medicine)
Tel: 028 9536 0120
Email: Jo-Anne.Cairns@hscni.net
Michael McTeggart
Hospital Administrator School of Medicine
Tel: 028 9536 0223
Email: Michael.McTeggart@hscni.net
Roisin Ferran
Hospital Executive Officer School of Anaesthetics & ICM, School of Emergency Medicine
Tel: 028 9536 0122
Email: Roisin.Ferran@hscni.net
Adele Hammond Hospital Administrator School of Anaesthetics & ICM, School of Emergency Medicine Tel: 028 9536 0124
Email: Adele.Hammond@hscni.net
Geraldine McCullough
Hospital Executive Officer School of Diagnostics and School of Psychiatry
Tel: 028 9536 0118
Email: Geraldine.McCullough@hscni.net
Stacey-Louise Glover
Hospital Executive Officer School of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and School of Paediatrics
Tel: 028 9536 0127
Email: Stacey-Louise.Glover@hscni.net
Hospital Administrator Schools of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics Tel: 028 9536 0223
Sarah-Jane Hilland
Hospital Executive Officer School of Surgery
Tel: 028 9536 0126
Email: Sarah-Jane.Hilland@hscni.net
Jane Haslett
Hospital Administrator School of Surgery, Diagnostics and School of Psychiatry
Tel: 028 9536 0250
Email: Jane.Haslett@hscni.net

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