Study Leave

The Agency is responsible for overseeing the study leave of all doctors and dentists in training within Northern Ireland.

Hospital Specialty Trainees (inc. Dental)
To apply for Study Leave, trainees are required to complete a Study Leave Application Form

  • Download application form as a PDF
  • Download application form as a Word Document
  • Study Leave Guidelines – There was a review of the annual funding available per trainee for study leave following the introduction of the new study leave guidelines in August 2016. It was agreed that funding available to trainees would increase to £1250 for the forthcoming academic years. The guidance in relation to the maximum payment level per Highly Recommended event has increased to £750, and for Desirable courses remain at £250. The study leave application form has also been amended to reflect this:
    Category Maximum funding for category per event
    (Identified in curriculum)
    £1250 (higher amounts only with prior APD approval)
    Highly Recommended
    £750 (total including this event cannot exceed £1250)
    £250 (total including this event cannot exceed £1250)
    Examination attendance expenses Only applicable if less than 2 attempts at same exam have been funded during training to date

    This does not impact on mandatory events which have been discussed and agreed with individual TPDs.  As previously indicated, if an application is not made prospectively there will be no funding provided.

Mandatory Courses for Hospital Specialty Trainees
General Practice Trainees
To apply for Study Leave, trainees are required to complete a Study Leave Application Form

Foundation Trainees
To apply for Study Leave or Taster Module please click here

Should you have any queries with regard to Study Leave please contact:

Telephone: 028 9536 0228

Expense Claim Forms

A claim form can be downloaded from the Expense Claims page.

Please remember to write your Study Leave Application Number clearly on this form and attach ALL relevant receipts, this will speed up the re-imbursement process.

Please forward your expense claim to the Finance Department, NIMDTA, Beechill House, 42 Beechill Road, Belfast, BT8 7RL.

We would also advise you to retain a copy of all documentation.

Queries regarding your submitted claim or payments received should be addressed to the Business Management Department at, or by phone on 028 9536 0056 (Linda Craig) or 028 9040 0000.