Supporting junior doctors in safe prescribing

A new guide has been produced by the Royal College of Physicians to support junior doctors when prescribing in hospitals.  This guide is built on published evidence and best practice and the aims of the guidance is to improve care for patients and support for doctors in training.

There are 6 key recommendations:

  • Prescribing induction should be practically focused and should cover key safety principles.
  • Postgraduate medical education leads must work collaboratively with medication safety officers to identify opportunities to promote safer prescribing within the wider curriculum.
  • Junior doctors should be provided with regular feedback on prescribing errors; this should be done in a structured and supportive manner.
  • Incident reports and other routinely collected data on prescribing errors should be used to identify areas for improvement and should feed into both quality improvement initiatives and postgraduate education and training.
  • Active efforts need to be made by trusts to create safer working environments to support safe prescribing.
  • Implementation of these recommendations within trusts should be supported by a board level director with responsibility for quality and safety.

The full report is available at:

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