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The Agency has a Complaints Policy that provides information to anyone who needs to complain about the work of the Agency and/or its staff.  It also sets out the way in which the Agency will manage this complaint process.

Complaints Policy

This policy covers:

  • Complaints about the way the Agency has acted, or failed to act in the exercise of its statutory duties;
  • Complaints about the way any member of the Agency or its staff have acted in the exercise of his or her duties, for example:
    • the manner in which an individual has been treated by the Agency or its staff, such as unfair treatment or decision-making;
    • the general or observed behaviour and competence of individuals employed by the Agency. The policy also covers recent former employees and those working on behalf of the Agency who are not technically Agency employees (e.g. lecturers, education supervisors);
    • Complaints from the public about the content (including accuracy and objectivity) of a published Agency report;
    • Complaints about allocation of goods or services provided to the public (for example training opportunities, flexible training, overseas training, study leave);
    • Complaints about the way the Agency handles its recruitment.

This policy does not cover:

  • Human Resources policies within the employee relation field, for example grievances, bullying and harassment, disciplinary matters etc.
  • An investigation by a professional regulatory body
  • A request for information under Freedom of Information
  • Access to records under the Data Protection Act 1998
  • An independent enquiry
  • An independent investigation
  • Legal action
  • A review of a Specialty Recruitment process

The Senior Governance, IT and Facilities Manager is the Agency’s Complaints Co-ordinator, and can be contacted at