Annual Junior Doctors’ Prize Evening

The Annual Junior Doctors’ Prize Evening, organised by the Ulster Medical Society, Queen’s University of Belfast and NIMDTA, was held on Thursday 20 November 2014 in the North Lecture Theatre, Medical Biology Centre, QUB. 

Abstracts had been submitted in 5 categories – clinical research, basic science, medical education, quality improvement, case report/case series.  The best abstract in each category had been selected for oral presentation.  The oral presentations were judged by Professor Patrick Morrison and Professor Keith Gardiner.  The oral presentations were:

  • Dr Rona Anderson, Fy1, category Case Report/Case Series, ‘In the Name of God’
  • Dr Virginia Christodoulou, Fy2, category Quality Improvement, ‘Monitoring Patients at High Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes’
  • Dr Gareth Lewis, ST6 Renal Medicine, category Studies in Medical Education, ‘Clinical Ethics Reasoning Through Simulation (CERTS): Exploring the Authenticity of Undergraduate Experience’
  • Ms Sandra McAllister, SPR in Plastic Surgery/Academic Clinical Lecturer, category Basic Science Research, ‘A pilot study to determine the feasibility of using a three-dimensional scaffold to deliver endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) to a wound’
  • Mr Stephen McCain, LAT General Surgery, category Clinical Research, ‘Biodegradable oesophageal stents for benign and malignant oesophageal strictures’Junior Doctor Prize Evening photo 1All the oral presenters with Dr Colin Mathews, President of the Ulster Medical Society

The winner of the oral presentation was Dr Gareth Lewis (ST6 Renal Medicine) and the runner-up was Mr Stephen McCain (LAT in General Surgery)

Junior Doctor Prize Evening photo 2Dr Gareth Lewis being congratulated by Dr Colin Mathews, President of the Ulster Medical Society

Twenty-two poster presentations were made on the evening.  Posters were judged by Dr Carol Wilson, Dr John Collins, Dr Kathy Cullen and Dr Fiona Stewart

Posters was judged in 2 sections:

Clinical/Research and Quality Improvement/Patient Safety – winner Dr Matthew Macartney, Fy2 for his presentation –‘The A-Z Guide to being a Fy1- A Peer-delivered Handbook and Complementing Workshop’

Studies in Medical Education and Case Reports/Case Series – winner Dr Andrew Spence, ST3 in General Medicine for his presentation- ‘Does Video Feedback Improve CPR Performance’

Junior Doctor Prize Evening photo 3Winners of the poster competitions Dr Matthew Macartney and Dr Andrew Spence with Dr Colin Mathews, President of the Ulster Medical Society