Changes to training

AoMRC Four Nation The need to reinstate training 2 June 2020

Things that have been cancelled in the Northern Ireland Deanery

  • Teaching and Training: DoH and HSC guidance has been received advising that in order to focus on the training required to up skill and train staff to support essential services, all non-essential events and training will cease. There will also be no attendance at regional, national or international courses.  As a result all NIMDTA postgraduate teaching and training events have been postponed or cancelled.    Vital training such as resuscitation will be provided in Trusts where required.
  • Deanery Visits: Deanery visits and placement quality workstreams have been postponed.  Quality issues will still require monitoring and this will be done as pragmatically and supportively as possible
  • National Training Survey: The 2020 GMC NTS has been postponed during this period.

Four Nations Trainee Guidance:

Four nations agreed decision on the changes to the ARCP process found here:

The NIMDTA COVID Trainee Guidance covers aspects of training such as:

Information about your training specific to your specialty.

Most Royal Colleges have up to date guidance on how they are approaching training issues. Read this information here:

Training School/ Royal College


Foundation Training

Changes to placement and ARCP

Anaesthetics & ICU

Anaesthetic training news:

ICM training news:


Royal College of pathology:

Royal College of Radiologists:

Emergency Medicine

“Advice around trainees and training” found here:

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Impact on training from RCOG:


Trainee progression in 2020:

Impact on examinations:


RCP response to COVID-19:

Trainees and COVID-19:


Impact o training:


Joint committee of surgical training (JCST) have produced multiple updates about how surgical training will be affected by COVID-19, and includes information on  

–         Wellbeing support
–         ARCP management and Outcome 10
–         Training Interface Group (TIG) Fellowships
–         Out of Programme (OOP)
–         Useful links.                  

The most recent update is available here:

Webinar on training issues 1st April:

Guidance on voluntary recording COVID-19 experience in the ISCP

Joint Committe on Intercollegiate examinations – Exam Update