Welcome to the dedicated area for newly appointed FiY1 Doctors.  There are six sections to this page providing essential information for doctors taking up these new posts.  If you have any unanswered questions you can contact NIMDTA by emailing:

You can access the Department of Health joint statement on the plan to deploy final year medical students:

1. Foundation interim Year 1 (FiY1) – The role and responsibilities:
It has been agreed across the UK that doctors who have sought and been granted provisional registration at an early stage in 2020 can be offered appointment as Foundation Locum Appointments for Training and will be known as Foundation Interim Year 1 (FiY1) doctors.  These are short term posts and doctors occupying these posts will become FY1s when they join their respective Foundation training programme in August 2020.

Further information clarifying roles and responsibilities can be found in the attached documents:    

2. Compulsory online learning: 
Before you start your hospital placement there are online training modules that you must complete.
Training Tracker: 
Your Trust will supply you with the login details – there are 10 modules to complete.

BMJ e-learning:    You can sign up yourself.
Every Trust requires you to complete “Reducing the risk of hyponatraemia when administering IV fluids to Children”  available here:

Right patient right blood – You can sign up yourself at:
Learn Blood transfusion: Blood components and indications for use
Learn Blood transfusion: Safe transfusion practice
You must also complete a “Right patient Right Blood” face to face assessment before you are allowed to take blood for Group and Hold or cross matching blood.  This will be arranged with the local haemovigilance team within your Trust. 

3. Regional induction via Zoom technology: 
You will be provided with a pre-recorded regional induction available from a secure website.  You will have been sent a registration link (in your Placement Allocation letter) that will allow you to gain login access and create a unique password to view the regional induction material available from the 28th April 2020.  This can be viewed in one or over multiple login sessions.  You can re-access the information at any time during your placement as a FiY1.   THIS IS A COMPULSORY ASPECT OF INDUCTION and should be completed before attending your hospital induction.  You will be asked to sign a declaration that you have completed this. 

Regional support follow-up meetings via Zoom have now been completed.  Here is a summary of the points raised, information discussed and slides provided by F1 Representatives. 

Northern Trust F1 Representative – Timothy Durkan’s F1 Tips FiY1

Southern Trust F1 Representative – Sophie Murtagh’s Introductory Session FiY1 – NIMDTA rep presentation

Belfast Trust F1 Representative – Arun Murtagh’s Starting F1 FiY1 presentation

Support Session Summary FAQs

Supporting documents from regional induction:
• Quick Reference Guides:

• Ward round template 8. WR template
• Discharge summary poster to be used as an aid memoir on ward rounds 9. FINAL DISCHARGE SUMMARY POSTER
• Job list template 10. Job List template
• Photo Gallery of F1 representative in your Trust 11. FY1 reps in your Trust

Free information resource directed at those starting FY1:

Prescribing Safety assessment (PSA):   This is a requirement on completion of the FY1 year but many medical students may have already been enrolled in the e- learning modules and have sat the prescribing exam.  It is not a requirement to have passed this assessment to prescribe in routine practice however you should be aware of your own limitations of competence and seek supervision where necessary. If you need the day off to facilitate you sitting the next PSA (11th May) speak to your Foundation Programme Director at your trust induction.
Attached is further information on the PSA exam from the Foundation Programme Director for Northern Ireland 12. PSA GUIDANCE
For the time that you will be a FiY1, SCRIPT prescribing modules are provided for free.  Sign up using your trust email account.   A requirement for completion of FY1 year is that you complete a minimum of 10 SCRIPT modules.  Feedback from previous foundation doctors suggest it is wise to engage in this process early as it aids your clinical work in the hospital.  The website can be reached here :

4. Trust induction on first day of placement: 
We have created a list of minimum essential induction requirements that your trust will provide.  Although the aim is that these will be all provided on the first day, some aspects may require scheduling later in your first week.  It is advised that you bring this list with you on your Trust induction day to ensure you are aware of how each aspect will be covered. 
Attach PDF of list of trust induction requirements 13. Induction Checklist for FiY1

What to bring with you on your first day in the Trust:

  • Clothing & Belongings: When you are in contact with suspected or confirmed COVID positive patients, Trusts have issued guidance that you should wear clothes on the ward that can be washed at 60C after every wear to minimise the risk of cross-contamination to yourself.  This has led most doctors in the hospitals to wear scrubs during their shift and change into different clothes to drive/return home in.  Most trusts are offering on site shower facilities although it is acceptable to shower at home. A change of footwear is also advised that is easily wipe-able with an enclosed toe (clogs/ crocs without holes) 
    Keeping your personal belonging clean is also important.  Minimise what you bring to work. Whilst in work store your phone in a zip-lock sandwich bag and avoid using it against your face.
    There will be a tour of the ward where you will be placed on your first day.  Consider bringing a change of clothes to change into before returning home.  NIMDTA will provide you with scrubs as soon as they become available.
  • Documents for sign on:  You will have received information from your Trust HR about what documents you need to provide beforehand and what to bring on your first day.  This usually includes ORIGINALS of the following documents:
    • EVIDENCE OF YOUR NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER: e.g. P45, P60, NI Card (If you do not have a NI number, you need to contact your Jobs & Benefits Office without delay)
    • IF APPLICABLE: EVIDENCE OF RIGHT TO WORK IN THE UK: e.g. Visa Stamp & HSMP Letter, Workers Registration Scheme
    • ORIGINAL P45: This should be sent to you by Payroll in your previous employment.

 The checklist for trust induction to ensure all components are met (attached above)
 The quick reference guides for your Trust (a resource in the regional induction section of this webpage)

5. Supervision and Portfolio requirements :   
• Details of the Foundation Programme Directors in each unit 14. FPDs per trust
• Clinical & Educational Supervisors will be assigned by the FPD on your first day at trust induction.  
• Access to TURAS e-portfolio:  You will receive an email from NIMDTA saying to expect email from NHS Education for Scotland.  In this email you will be asked to Set your password.
• TURAS can be accessed here:

• You are not required to complete any e-portfolio competencies during your FiY1 placement except for a clinical supervisor report at the end of your FiY1 placement.  However, any evidence you do log can be used towards your ARCP in 2021 at the end of FY1.
• Further information about FY1 ARCP requirements can be found here:

6. Keeping  yourself safe