Keeping yourself Safe: Professionally, Physically and Mentally

PCC Shielding Engagement Consultation Document

  1. Professional Safety:
  2. Physical Safety:                                                                                                           
  3. Wellbeing and Support

NIMDTA is aware that the COVID 19 pandemic is a time of rapid change and uncertainty for many trainees. We encourage trainees to reflect on and attend to their wellbeing during this period. Looking after yourself is one of the best ways to help provide good care to patients.

The Professional Support Unit (PSU) will continue to provide to support to trainees both though direct contact (by phone or Skype) and by signposting other useful resources. Any trainee connected to NIMDTA can self-refer to the PSU for Support.

The BMA have developed e-learning modules focusing on stressful workplace scenarios and practical guidance: 

Also, BMA have numerous online learning modules via BMJ Learning: