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Each dental foundation trainee has a personal e-portfolio which must be maintained and is used to support their educational and professional development and career planning.

The primary purpose of the e-portfolio in the Foundation Programme is to help dentists record and reflect on their progress and achievements and provide a portfolio of evidence of same.

The e-portfolio will help the foundation dentist to demonstrate progression during their foundation training. Content includes:

  • an educational agreement,
  • an induction section,
  • experience records including achievements or difficulties,
  • the feedback from the Foundation Programme assessments,
  • clinical audits,
  • self-assessments,
  • personal development plans,
  • feedback from the trainer/educational supervisor and adviser.

The E-portfolio offers an opportunity to record and reflect on all study days, tutorials, case presentations, lectures and courses attended during the year.

All foundation dentists must access their e-portfolio on a weekly basis and complete it contemporaneously. Regular contributions to the e-portfolio demonstrate engagement with the self-directed learning opportunities afforded by the Foundation Programme structure.