Application for a Dental Foundation Training Number – HS48A

Guidance in completing your HS48A Application

To start the process of submitting an HS48A form to NIMDTA, it is important that you carefully read the Guidance document ‘Applicants guide when applying for a Dental Foundation Training Number’:

The HS48A application can be found on Appendix 1 in the attachment (pages 6-8).  Once completed please return your HS48A application to along with the relevant documentation.

Please clearly state which Board you are applying to on your HS48A form.

Please note that in order for NIMDTA to process your HS48A form, you will also need to simultaneously complete a HS48 form; as this is a dual NIMDTA/ Strategic Planning and Performance Group (SPPG) process.  The SPPG require a HS48 application from you separately.

Should you require guidance for your HS48 application, please visit, where you will find both the HS48 application along with all the relevant contact details.

Once your HS48 application form has been sent to the SPPG , please contact along with your HS48A application, this will enable NIMDTA to start processing your HS48A application.

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