Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed, please speak to someone urgently:

LIFE LINE: 0808 808 8000 is a 24 hour crisis helpline for all

GDPs can avail of Inspire Counselling Services through the GDSAP:
The General Dental Services Assistance Programme (GDSAP) provides free, independent and immediate support for GDS Contracted Dentists, dealing sensitively with personal and professional issues that may impact on home or work life. Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed in the provision of unlimited access to 24 hour telephone counselling and face to face counselling.

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Trainees & Educational Supervisors:

The Professional Support Unit (NIMDTA) provides services aimed at both supporting trainees when there are concerns or difficulties during their training and providing development opportunities for all trainees. We also aim to provide help and guidance to trainers as they support trainees at a local level. The aims of the Professional Support Team are:

 To provide best practice in supporting postgraduate doctors and dentists in training
 To promote a supportive and developmental culture for the NIMDTA educational community and staff

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