Trainee Welcome Evening

NIMDTA welcomes all new trainees to postgraduate training in Northern Ireland every year through the Annual Trainee Welcome Evening. This event usually occurs during August and is aimed at all Hospital Specialty and GP trainee doctors who are new to training. The evening provides trainees with information on topics such as:
• Training in Northern Ireland
• Careers
• Mentoring
• Professional Support
• Leadership Opportunities

A recording is available of the August 2021 Welcome Evening on NIMDTA’s Learning Management System (LMS). If you have not yet been registered to the system and would like to review the recorded event, please contact

International Medical and Dental Graduates

NIMDTA welcomes all international graduates to participate in an informal meet and greet session with Trainee Ambassadors who have also begun their postgraduate medical / dental career in Northern Ireland. Details of the next event are available by contacting

A social media group has also been created for new trainees to discuss settling-in arrangements and can be found by clicking on this link (Please note this group has been created by NIMDTA but will not be actively monitored. It is designed for trainees to network and build connections with other trainees. We recommend that you read the NIMDTA Social Media Guidance on how to appropriately use social media in a professional capacity.)

Please see the International Medical and Dental Graduates webpage for further details.