Foulkes Foundation Fellowship – Post-Doctoral Funding for Medical Training

The Foulkes Foundation is a registered charity established in 1975.

It aims to further medical research and, in the Founder’s own words, bring science and medicine together for the benefit of mankind. To this end, the Foulkes Foundation Fellowship scheme provides financial support for recently qualified Ph.D. science graduates with research experience who want additionally to take a medical degree, or medical graduates wanting to take a life science Ph.D. degree.

In both cases the graduate must intend to do medical research after qualification, and science graduates must continue part-time research during their medical training with an appropriate named supervisor.

Since the scheme was established over 260 Fellowships have been awarded in the U.K., and many Fellows have become professors, deans of medical schools, and have received world-wide professional accolades and national Honours.

For further information and application forms contact the Fellowship Registrar at the above address, visit our website at or e-mail