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F2 Generic Skills Teaching (FLiGHT)

The FY2 generic skills teaching programme has been revised to include as many of the ‘core topics’ in the 2021 version of the Foundation curriculum as possible and has been renamed:

FLiGHT – Foundation Learning in Generic Hot Topics

The 2021 version of the Foundation curriculum mandates that all Foundation Doctors must attend and log a minimum of 30 hours of ‘core’ teaching, with a minimum of 60 hours of core and non-core in total (which can include extra ‘core’ teaching) per training year.

NIMDTA will continue to provide ‘core’ teaching within this new programme for FY2 doctors, but there will also be simulation teaching provided within the Trusts.

Some of the previous F2 Generic Skills sessions will remain, such as Quality Improvement methodology, Safeguarding and Careers guidance, but a number of new topics have been added.

Although these new topics will be mostly delivered as 2-hour zoom sessions, each Foundation Doctor will be allocated study leave for a half day so that there will be time for reading before the session and then reflecting and recording in the eportfolio afterwards.

All sessions are mandatory, although only one is non-core (GMC and professionalism).

Constructive feedback is a vital component of programme development and is therefore a required part of participation in the Foundation programme and attendance at FLiGHT. Positive feedback where appropriate is also very helpful.

Each teaching session should be logged in the eportfolio and can then be used as a piece of evidence which can be linked to the new Foundation Professional Capabilities (maximum of three FPCs).

A reflection on the session will increase the weight of this evidence when considered at the ARCP.

FLiGHT Booklet
FLiGHT Timetable 2023-24

What is the NIMDTA Learning Management System, and how will it be used for my FLiGHT Teaching?

You have been registered on NIMDTA’s Learning Management System (LMS) – a technology-based application to access training course materials and virtual events.

You will be enrolled to the FLiGHT section of the LMS before the FLiGHT Teaching Programme starts for the training year.

This platform – NIMDTA’s Learning Management System (LMS) – will be used by you to view mandatory talks and access useful documents for FLiGHT Teaching, in the form of pre-reading, additional recorded talks or materials used live during the teaching, for example.

The LMS may also be used for other things throughout your Foundation training. As this is the case I would urge you to note & remember your log in details.

You will be able to access the LMS by following this link: or by downloading the Moodle App, and logging in. Please log in and look for the Course FLiGHT (Generic Skills) to access this material.

Please make sure that when logging in with your username, that you enter your username in all lower case e.g. forename.surname instead of Forename.Surname

If you experience any difficulties in accessing your account please do not hesitate to contact us directly by emailing 

Please see more information in the LMS Flyer below.

LMS Flyer
UKFPO Description of Core & Non-Core Teaching 2021
Core & Non-Core Guide

Frailty, It’s Everyone’s Business – A Guide for Non-Specialists