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SCRIPT Registration

The Northern Ireland Foundation School provide a pharmacology e-learning package called “SCRIPT” for all F1 and F2 doctors in Northern Ireland. SCRIPT is a support package which improves safety and competency in prescribing. It is highly recommended for Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) preparation (please see PSA section of the website for further information).

All F1 doctors must register on SCRIPT at the start of August and complete a minimum of 10 SCRIPT modules during the F1 year. Doctors still to pass the PSA are encouraged to complete the 10 modules before sitting of the exam.

The 10 core SCRIPT modules recommended for completion by F1s are:
• Prescribing in Infection
• Prescribing and Therapeutics in Foundation Training
• Diabetic Emergencies
• Sepsis
• Perioperative Prescribing
• Prescribing in Hepatic Dysfunction
• Renal Dysfunction
• Prescribing in Older Adults
• Diabetes
• Anticoagulation

While these modules are not mandatory for all F1s to complete, they are extremely useful and will complement F1 prescribing and it is recommended that they are completed during the first F1 placement.

However if you have not yet passed the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) examination (for whatever reason) then it is mandatory for you to complete the 10 modules prior to sitting the examination. There will also be an educational session for those yet to pass the PSA prior to the examination date which we would encourage you to attend. Details of this session will be forwarded to the relevant doctors by the Foundation Team prior to commencement of F1.

The Foundation Trainee National Guide for SCRIPT is available below:

SCRIPT – Foundation Trainee National Guide