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Foundation Educators

All Educational Supervisors are required to complete the following e-learning modules:


Module 01: Supervision of Learners

Video: Hospital – Foundation Supervisor; click and watch 4 videos and answer assessment questions,


Training for the Foundation Supervisor

Videos: Hospital; Introduction to Hospital training, DOPs, Mini-CEX, CBD, Mini(TAB) / MSF


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Guidance for NIMDTA Educators regarding OH referrals

Occupational Health (OH) input is an important component of the support that can be offered to doctors in postgraduate training. Common reasons that trainees might require OH assessment include:

  • pre-employment health checks
  • assessment of fitness for training and work
  • management of sickness absence
  • advice on adjustments on return after a period of sick leave or in relation to a long-term health condition or disability
  • support for stress related to work environment
  • support for learning difficulties


Trainees are entitled to medical confidentiality regarding their occupational health assessments. This applies to the sharing of information on OH reports. It is only necessary to share the recommended workplace adjustments from the report, therefore any information in relation to the diagnosis within the adjustments should be removed before sharing.  The full report should be retained by the referrer and should NOT be shared.  Adjustments should only be shared with supervisors and HR staff with whom it is directly relevant in the interests of safe delivery of patient care and trainee safety. 

Ideally OH referrals should be completed either by the Single Lead Employer (SLE) team or the Professional Support and Well-being (PSW) team at NIMDTA. On occasions, educators do refer trainees to OH. In this situation, educators are required to discuss the content of the referral with the trainee being referred, in advance of the form being submitted to OH.

It is important that all OH referrals are shared with NIMDTA SLE as NIMDTA now has statutory responsibilities as an employer to ensure that adjustments are implemented within the host organisation/local education provider for those trainees who are SLE employees.  NIMDTA has a Transfer of Information policy in place to share adjustments with Trust HR, Medical Director and Director of Medical Education.  Information is transferred via a secure SharePoint, which will be updated upon receipt of the report/adjustments. The Transfer of Information policy has the purpose of ensuring a safe working environment.

If advice or guidance is required on an OH referral or report, please contact NIMDTA SLE ( or PSW ( or 028 9536 0136).

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