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Starting Foundation Training

This section is for Medical Students about to graduate from Medical School and enter Foundation Training:

The UKFPO (United Kingdom Foundation Programme Office) is the governing body that oversee the development and implementation of the Foundation Programme throughout the UK.

The UKFPO oversee the national recruitment process, set the Foundation Curriculum and the Operational Framework.

Information relating to the UK Foundation Programme Office can be found at

For NI Foundation School (NIFS) enquiries please email

Please note that the NIFS cannot give any information relating to job banding for any of the posts within the Northern Ireland foundation school or provide references for mortgages or letting agencies to confirm your salary and banding. This information MUST be obtained from the local HR/Salary and Wages department.

The address that you supply on your Foundation School application form is the address that all correspondence from the school will be sent to.

Please ensure you check this address regularly for any correspondence from the Foundation School, this is the same for your email address.

Attention Final Year Medical Students – CLICK HERE