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F1 – Supporting Trainees Entering Practice (STEP) 

This is a national process to transfer information from the medical school to the receiving foundation school.  This process is designed to support students in the transition from medical school to postgraduate training and employment.  

Applicants have an opportunity to share information in relation to their health, welfare, performance and skills and professionalism. The information provided on the form is confirmed, or in some cases expanded upon, by staff at the graduating medical school, and is used by the applicant’s allocated Foundation School to ensure that new trainees get the right educational and pastoral support during their two-year programme and to see if they require reasonable adjustments to complete the programme. 

A STEP form is mandatory to be completed by all trainees. The STEP process is now electronic for all applicants nominated by a UK Medical School.  Applicants who have applied through the eligibility process should complete a paper form. 

For further information please go to UKFPO website click here.

Transfer of Information (TOI) 

When Foundation Doctors rotate during their programme, it may be necessary for the current Foundation Programme Director (FPD) to share information with the next Foundation Programme Director.  If a form is required by an FPD they must ensure a copy is given to the foundation doctor named on the form. 

The purpose of passing information is to ensure that the next FPD is aware of any particular support and or adjustments which may be required by the Foundation doctor during their training time with them. 

For further information and details on NIMDTA TOI process please click here.