Completion of F2

F2 Annual Review of Competence Progression (F2 ARCP)
Towards the end of F2, the Northern Ireland Foundation School will convene an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panel to review the progress of all foundation doctors.

The ARCP provides a formal process for reviewing foundation doctors’ progress which uses the evidence gathered by them and supplied by their supervisors. The ARCP is not an additional method of assessment.

While all foundation doctors should present evidence for review towards the end of F2, it may be necessary to convene a panel earlier if there are significant concerns about the foundation doctor’s progress. Therefore, the review may be conducted more frequently if there is a need to deal with progression issues outside the annual review.

The ARCP fulfils the following functions:

  • To document the judgement about whether a foundation doctor has met the requirements and has provided documentary support for the satisfactory completion of F2;
  • To document recommendations about further training and support where the requirements have not been met; and
  • To document the judgement about the outcomes demonstrated by a foundation doctor in a locum appointment for training post or rotation and to document these accordingly.
  • To provide a framework for review of the supporting information required for revalidation (F2 being the first year of the five year cycle).

Further information on the ARCP process is available in the Foundation Programme Reference Guide 2012 (section 10).

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