F1 Regional Skills Teaching (F1RST)

FY1 specific ‘Direct Teaching’ is routinely delivered within the LEPs (Local Education Providers or Trusts), and the 2021 Foundation curriculum mandates that all Foundation Doctors must log a minimum of 30 hours of ‘core’ learning, with a minimum of 60 hours of core and non-core learning in total (this can include extra ‘core’).

‘Core teaching’ is any teaching session dedicated to Foundation Doctors, and continues to be based on LEP F1 local teaching programmes, which should include the ‘core topics’ in the new curriculum (including simulation). These new F1 Regional Skills (F1RST) virtual sessions are intended to provide additional opportunities for FY1 doctors to attend ‘core’ teaching (see below). The curriculum specifies a list of 15 Specific Areas of Core Learning and also expands on the definition of non-core learning (please see UKFPO Website).

The F1RST initiative was put to all the Trusts and interested individuals at the inaugural F1RST Forum in early June 2021 because of both the development of virtual teaching during the Covid pandemic, and the requirement to implement the 2021 version of the Foundation curriculum. Participation in the delivery of these virtual sessions is not mandatory for any teachers, but it has been set up as an opportunity to expand the availability of core teaching sessions for F1 doctors anywhere in Northern Ireland. It will be monitored closely and its practicalities and merits reviewed regularly. Each teaching session attended should be logged in the eportfolio (PLL) and can then be linked to the new Foundation Professional Capabilities (to a maximum of three FPCs). A reflection on the session will increase the weight of this evidence when considered at ARCP. Each Trust is expected to facilitate up to three hours per week for FY1 doctors to attend Direct Teaching, core and non-core sessions.

UKFPO Description of Core & Non-Core Teaching 2021

Core & Non-Core Guide – Click Here

AKI (NI renal team)
MDU teaching sessions


All potential attendees will need to be verified before the link can be sent. Please email the named contact* with the following details if you would like to attend. The verification process is likely to need at least 24 hours, depending on total number of applicants. Not supplying all details below may delay the time to receiving the link. Thank-you.

2. GRADE (should be FY1)
4. TRUST and/or HOSPITAL current place of work

*CONTACT FOR ALL MDU SESSIONS to register is: Chloe.Witchell@themdu.com

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Careers Guidance
NIAS (Northern Ireland Ambulance Service)
Radiology teaching specific to Foundation Doctors (‘core’ for FY1 only)