Foundation Doctor Regional Radiology Teaching 2021-22 Programme


All potential attendees will need to be verified before the link can be sent. Please email FDRRTNI@OUTLOOK.COM with the following details if you would like to attend. The verification process is likely to need at least 24 hours, depending on total number of applicants. Not supplying all details below may delay the time to receiving the link.

1. FULL NAME                 2. GRADE               3. GMC NUMBER.             4. TRUST and/or HOSPITAL current place of work

Introduction to radiology17/08/202112:30
Chest and abdomen x-raysTBC
Upper limbs Part 1 – shoulder and elbowTBC
Upper limbs Part 2 – wrist and handTBC
Lower limbs Part 1 – pelvis and hipTBC
Lower limbs Part 2 – knee, ankle and footTBC
Acute cervical spine imagingTBC
Acute thoracic and lumbar spine imagingTBC
Fluoroscopy and interventionalTBC