F2 Generic Skills Teaching (FLiGHT)

The FY2 generic skills teaching programme has been revised to include as many of the ‘core topics’ in the 2021 version of the Foundation curriculum as possible and has been renamed:

FLiGHT – Foundation Learning in Generic Hot Topics.

 The 2021 version of the Foundation curriculum mandates that all Foundation Doctors must attend and log a minimum of 30 hours of ‘core’ teaching, with a minimum of 60 hours of core and non-core in total (which can include extra ‘core’ teaching) per training year. NIMDTA will continue to provide ‘core’ teaching within this new programme for FY2 doctors, but there will also be simulation teaching provided within the Trusts. Some of the previous F2 Generic Skills sessions will remain, such as Quality Improvement methodology, Safeguarding and Careers guidance, but a number of new topics have been added. Although these new topics will be mostly delivered as 2-hour zoom sessions, each Foundation Doctor will be allocated study leave for a half day so that there will be time for reading before the session and then reflecting and recording in the eportfolio afterwards. All sessions are mandatory, although only one is non-core (GMC and professionalism). Constructive feedback is a vital component of programme development and is therefore a required part of participation in the Foundation programme and attendance at FLiGHT. Positive feedback where appropriate is also very helpful. Each teaching session should be logged in the eportfolio and can then be used as a piece of evidence which can be linked to the new Foundation Professional Capabilities (maximum of three FPCs). A reflection on the session will increase the weight of this evidence when considered at the ARCP.


Regional Mandatory Generic Skills training
Regional Generic Skills training days are mandatory during your F2 year.  Each module runs seven times to enable all F2 doctors to attend.  The programme offers training to include clinical audit and quality improvement, career management and advice, team working, patient safety with an emphasis on risk management allied to clinical governance, equality and diversity, child protection and life long learning.  The generic skills programme evolves in response to your valued feedback. The mandatory Generic Skills training days for F2 doctors are provided by the Deanery as part of the study leave allowance in Foundation Year 2.  An electronic course booking system is used to secure your place at a training day.  Some users are experiencing problems booking courses from iPhones or iPads using the Safari Browser (a message is received stating a course is fully booked when places are still available). Should you experience this problem please try again from another device/browser.  This is a day of work and no doctor on night shift or evening shift before or after this training day should attend.  Seven sessions are provided for each module.  In addition two additional days are provided to attend an ALS course. As car parking at NIMDTA is restricted, you are asked to use the Cairnshill Park and Ride facility which is within walking distance of NIMDTA premises. Please do not park in the NIMDTA car park. This will be the sixth year that Generic Skills training has been delivered by NIMDTA.  Some changes apply to our sessions this year.  Each year we have acted upon the feedback provided by Foundation doctors and have consistently improved and modified the sessions.  You have the opportunity to receive training which is designed to be generic which you can apply to all clinical situations allied to the delivery of the Foundation Curriculum requirements.  You are urged to download and read the Foundation Curriculum and be aware of your educational competences for F2.  Attendance at the Generic Skills sessions is monitored and we ask that you sign into all sessions, morning and afternoon. Generic Skills Timetable
NIMDTA Generic Skills Training Modules
Module 1a: Career Management Module 1: Acute Kidney Injury Module 2: Career Management Module 3: Quality Improvement Module 4: Patient Safety and Legal Aspects of practice Module 5: Teamwork / Communication Skills Module 6: Mental Capacity Module 7: Ethics / Breaking Bad News Module 8: Professionalism and GMC Guidance Module 9: Safeguarding Module 10: NIAS / Pre-hospital Care
How do I register to attend?
Attendance at Generic Skills sessions is booked via Intrepid Course Manager. This system allows you to register to attend each module, and following facilitate evaluation of the session and print certificates electronically. You must first register as a User on this website in order to book onto courses.  Once registered you can book onto each session you wish to attend by selecting “Events/ Courses” category.  You will receive an email from NIMDTA to advise when each session is ready for you to book a place. Evaluation forms will be sent to you electronically after each session you attend. These are accessed by selecting “Course evaluations” when you login to Course Manager. Upon completion of the form, your Certificate of Attendance will be available for you to view / print via “My Courses”. The Intrepid Course Manager System will send automatic reminders to you closer to the date of your selected session. Please note it is still essential for to you sign the register at each session.  Evaluation forms and Certificates of Attendance will not be available unless there is evidence of that you participated. Please be aware that attendance at Generic Skills is 100% mandatory for all F2s to enable the FACD to be issued at the end of the F2 year. If you need to cancel your place, and rebook on another session, please contact GenericSkills.nimdta@hscni.net
Will the Trust release me to attend each session?
Details of the dates of each module will be forwarded to Foundation Programme Directors, Educational Supervisors and Foundation Programme Administrators at each hospital.  This information will be shared internally at the hospital with your Clinical Supervisors and the designated rota organisers in each unit where you are working. It is your responsibility to ensure that you inform your Clinical Supervisor and designated rota organiser of the dates of each session you book into to enable them to facilitate your release on the rota to attend.  Please work with your rota organiser and your colleagues to ensure shift working and the day to attend is appropriately arranged to fit with Trust service requirements. Please ensure you do not attend on the day after being on call or before a scheduled night shift. If you are aware that you may experience difficulties in attending any sessions, you should discuss this with your Foundation Programme Director.  Those who do not attend will be required to attend the sessions in the following academic year and your FACD will be withheld until satisfactory attendance is recorded.  Yourspecialtyschool will be informed why your FACD has not been issued.
Additional Information
Car Parking
As car parking at NIMDTA is restricted, you are asked to use the Cairns Hill Park and Ride facility which is within walking distance of NIMDTA premises. Please do not park in the NIMDTA car park.
Signing in
An attendance register for each session will be available at the NIMDTA reception desk.
Numbers attending
The numbers attending each session must conform to Fire Safety regulations.  The meeting room has a maximum 40 person capacity.  All sessions are allocated with this number in mind and this year all sessions are scheduled to run on seven different dates.  Please do not attend a session unless you have booked a place using the Course Manager System.
Unfortunately, lunch cannot be provided.  However, Tea and Coffee will be provided at all breaks.
Generic Skills Talks

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