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ST3 Appraisal

Below are a number of common questions regarding appraisal for ST3’s.

You must complete your GP ST3 appraisal before the end of your ST3 Year.
You should complete your appraisal after successful progression through an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panel and before receiving your Certification of Completion of Training (CCT)

GPs who have just completed their training are required to complete their next appraisal within 12 calendar months of the completion of their training.
Therefore, for the majority of trainees who have completed their appraisal in August, this will mean completing their appraisal before the end of August the following year.
The appraisal calendar opens in January each year and doctors on the Northern Ireland Performers List (NIPL) will be emailed at that time and invited to apply for their appraisal in the year starting the following April.
Once GPs are fully registered on the NIPL their responsible officer will change to Dr Margaret O’Brien and their designated body DHSSPS. GPs on the NIPL can access these details using GMC Online.
If a GP anticipates that there are circumstances that will prevent them from undertaking their first post training appraisal within 12 months of completion of training it is important that they contact the appraisal team as soon as possible to ensure suitable arrangements are in place.

Generally, your Trainer should complete your appraisal with you.
If there is another GP partner in your training practice who is an appraiser, your trainer may decide to ask them to complete your ST3 appraisal.

Before your appraisal you should have completed Forms 1-3.
You should forward these to your trainer a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the appraisal discussion. ALL FORMS MUST BE TYPED – HANDWRITTEN FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  • Form 1 – Detailing your basic details
  • Form 2 – Current medical activities
  • Form 3 – Material for appraisal

Please send a copy of your PDP to the GP appraisal team at nimdta at the following email address:
You may anonymise the PDP if you wish.

GP appraisal is different from the educational supervisors report in that the educational supervisors report focuses on the attainment of the competencies required to achieve a CCT in general practice whereas GP appraisal focuses on the development of your skills as a GP.
There will be an educational element and parts of your e-portfolio will be relevant to the appraisal but the appraisal is much more focused on the service delivery and ongoing quality improvement activities.

Revalidation applies to all doctors, including those in training, from Foundation Year 2 upwards.  If you are a trainee in the Northern Ireland Deanery, the Postgraduate Dean is your Responsible Officer (RO) and the Northern Ireland Deanery is your Designated Body.

As a doctor your RO will make a recommendation to the GMC that you are up to date, fit to practise and should be revalidated. From April 2016, for trainees with a CCT date later than March 2018 or without a CCT date, the first revalidation recommendation will no longer automatically be linked with their CCT date. This will occur 5 years after gaining full registration with a licence to practice.

A further revalidation recommendation will take place at the point of eligibility for CCT.  For trainees who complete the GP training programme, without interruption, first revalidation will take place at point of CCT as this is sooner than 5 years from obtaining full registration.

The GMC has developed a video that explains the processes of revalidation post CCT which we recommend trainees view .

ST3 Appraisal Talk June 2020

If you have any queries regarding your appraisal, please contact the GP appraisal team on

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The Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency (NIMDTA) is an Arm’s Length Body sponsored by the Department of Health (DoH) to train postgraduate medical and dental professionals for Northern Ireland...


The Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency (NIMDTA) is an Arm’s Length Body sponsored by the Department of Health (DoH) to train postgraduate medical and dental professionals for Northern Ireland...