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GP Practice Managers

Welcome to the Practice Manager page.  We hope you find the information provided on this page useful.  If you have any documents or useful links you would like to appear on this page please contact

Please find below the presentation as provided at the Practice Manager update day on 22nd May at Antrim Civic Centre 2014

Practice Visits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trainee Leave - e.g. Annual leave, Sick leave, Maternity leave etc

GP Trainee leave is detailed in the Trainee contract which is issued by NIMDTA.
For a GPSt2 in practice, half of the annual leave is for use within their general practice placement and half for use within their hospital placement.

The Trainee is an employee of the practice and should be treated in the same way as all practice staff with regard to employment.
Further information is available in the GP Trainee Handbook and GP Trainee Contract.

The practice manages the trainees Annual Leave but it is important that NIMDTA are notified of any sick leave or other absence from training as this could impact on a trainees completion of training date.
Please email with this information.

A GP Trainee can take a maximum of 2 weeks sick leave within 1 year Training – RCGP Regulations.

You will find information on both maternity and paternity entitlement within the GP Trainee Handbook.



GPSt2s and GPSt3s based in practice require a Contract of Employment.
GPSt1s and FY2 contracts are held by their allocated Trust.
NIMDTA provide pre-populated contracts to GP Training practices for each Trainee in practice.

Every GP Trainer is required to sign and return to NIMDTA a GP Trainer SLA.
Please note that we require 1 SLA per Trainer.



Any changes made to the ePortfolio will be available on the RCGP Website.
Unfortunately the RCGP does not allow Practice Managers to be added to a GP trainees ePortfolio.



If you have any queries with regard to practice payments please contact for further information.

Should you wish to update contact details for payment purposes, please contact the GP Specialty Training department directly.

Payments made to GP Training practices:

  • GP Trainers will receive a CPD grant of £750 annually.
  • GP Trainers receive a Trainer grant of £639.50 paid monthly while a ST2/ST3 trainee is in practice.
  • GP Trainers who provide educational supervision to a GP Trainee whilst in a hospital post will receive a £500 payment per 6 months paid bi-annually.


Foundation Doctors in Practice

GP Trainers will be emailed the tutorial programme by Dr Fergus Donaghy, GP Programme Director.

A Foundation Doctor will expect to gain generic clinical experience within General Practice.


Study Leave - Guidelines and Entitlement

Please read the Study Leave Guidelines for trainees HERE


GPST2 Study Leave Entitlement

There is no study leave for exam study i.e. AKT/ CSA, there is however study leave given for attendance at the exam.

GPST2S in Hospital Rotation

Study leave should be taken for Educational Supervision when Trainee is in their hospital post.  Study leave is also required for attendance at practice and locality/ regional education days whilst in hospital posts.

GPST3 Study Leave Entitlement

An St3 Trainee will use 25 days for day release course.  This leaves 5 additional days 2 of which are used for AKT and CSA; 3 further days may be arranged once the exams have been completed, following discussion between the trainee, Educational Supervisor and Programme Director and agreement as to how best the time can be used to meet the trainee’s learning needs.


Trainees in Practice

GPSt2s and St3s can do home visits but should not be expected to do all the visits on a given day.

Visits are useful as they allow the trainee to see first-hand the patients living conditions.

FY2 can also do carefully selected visits.

GP trainees are employed to work 10 sessions a week.

It is expected that they will undertake a minimum of 7 clinical sessions per week; the remaining sessions are made up as follows:

  • ST3 – 2 sessions for Locality days on a Thursday,
  • 1 session of protected learning time with the GP Trainer for ePortfolio/ WPBAST2
  • 2 sessions for Locality days,
  • 1 session of protected learning time with the GP Trainer for ePortfolio/ WPBA.
  • FY2 – 1 session Locality days, 1 sessions for ePortfolio, 1 session personal study/ audit/ WPBA.

When courses are not running trainees should remain in practice.

The session for ePortfolio does not have to be undertaken in 1 sitting, this session can be completed over the week.

Any concerns with regard to trainee attitude should be firstly addressed by the GP Trainer and Practice Manager.

If there is a significant problem then the relevant Programme Director should be informed and if the issue remains unresolved please contact NIMDTA.

Protected learning time allows the trainees the opportunity to undertake educational activities and work on the WPBA/ ePortfolio with instruction from the GP Trainer.  This will be at least 1 session per week.

The induction process will be dependent on the level of the trainee and will be longer for FY2 and ST2 (approximately 2 weeks).

The ST3 induction should last approximately 10 days.

Trainee courses are available online on Intrepid. Locality days – held frequently, trainees meet in small groups within their training areaRegional days – held less frequently, all trainees in a training year meet regardless of training area group.


Training Practices

Please see the GP Trainer Page of the NIMDTA website for further information on Training practices.

The practice manager provides a vital role in managing protected time for the trainer and the trainee to undertake educational activity.

They manage the transition from 30 minute to 10 minute appointments dependant on the Trainee.  They are also invaluable in taking the Trainee through the management module.

Areas of practice management the practice manager can discuss with the Trainee:

  • QoF
  • Prescribing
  • Clinical Governance
  • Practice Management
  • IT

We would advise that the Practice Manager should spend approximately 1 session per month with the GP Trainee.

You will find any changes to the Training programme on this website, or on the RCGP Website.

Prior to the practice visit taking place the Practice Profile document will be sent out by NIMDTA.

This information is required to be returned approximately 2 weeks prior to the visit taking place.

This document will also detail the evidence required for the practice visit.

Please see the Practice Visits & Accreditation / Reaccreditation page for further information on practice visits.

All GP Trainees sign and return a Conditions of Joining Specialty Training document.

The GP trainee signs this agreement on commencement of the GP Specialty Training scheme.  It is not necessary to have a signed copy of this educational agreement in practice.