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ST3 Appraisal – Information for Trainers

With effect from 5th May 2017 the ST3 appraisal will change in that trainers will no longer be required to complete or forward a Form 4 or Form 6 to NIMDTA.

The purpose of the appraisal discussion is to ensure that ST3s become familiar with the appraisal process, confident in how to prepare for their first post-training appraisal and aware of what evidence to collect for it.

The ST3 appraisal should occur after the ARCP panel has met to assess the ST3 portfolios. The appraisal should take the form of a tutorial with the GP trainer. Before this tutorial the ST3 should prepare by accessing the nimdta appraisal website and studying the various appraisal forms and information therein. Particular attention should be paid to Forms 1-3 and the ST3 should complete these forms on the advice of their trainer.During the tutorial the trainer should go through and explain the purpose of the appraisal and the nature and role of the various forms including:

  • Forms 1-3
  • Probity and Health forms
  • CP2a
  • Independent Clinical Practitioner (ICP)
  • Form 4 and PDP

There are examples of these forms on the appraisal website but trainers may also wish to use some examples from their own past appraisals.

There should be a discussion about different forms of CPD activity, significant event analysis and quality improvement activity focusing if possible on areas most relevant to the ST3 in terms of their next role e.g. partner, sessional GP, out-of-hours GP.

The trainer and ST3 should agree a PDP. It is likely that this PDP will be similar to the PDP in the e-portfolio. The PDP should be recorded on the PDP grid and send to the ST3. A copy of the PDP should also be sent to the nimdta appraisal team by the trainee to help inform future training courses for doctors who have recently completed their training.  The PDP may be anonymized by the ST3 before sending it to NIMDTA.

The trainer should record an educator note on the e-portfolio documenting that the appraisal discussion has taken place.

The ST3 should record a reflective learning log entry relating to the appraisal discussion.