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MRCGP – ePortfolio and Exams

The MRCGP has three components:

Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA) – permanent replacement for the Recorded Consultation Assessment (RCA) 

Workplace Based Assessment (WBPA)

Each of these components is independent and addresses different competencies and skills, which would be expected of a GP Specialty Trainee, but together they cover the curriculum for Specialty Training for General Practice. To obtain a Certificate in Completion of Training (CCT), trainees must satisfactorily complete all three components as well as doing a full 36 months in GP Training.

The GP training ePortfolio is Fourteenfish

Please follow this link for detailed guidance from the RCGP - WPBA assessments (

Or this link to the Fourteenfish Help Centre which can help answer a multitude of queries - RCGP Trainee Portfolio – FourteenFish Help Centre

Academy and COPMeD Reflective Practice Toolkit
The Reflective Practioner - Summary
The Reflective Practioner - Guidance

The educational supervisor’s report can be either interim or full and requires review of the clinical supervisor’s report (when in a hospital based placement) along with evidence provided within the ePortfolio and any other source i.e educator notes. For detailed guidance on completing an ESR or iESR, please refer to the Fourteenfish help centre –

Education Supervisor Reviews (ESR) – FourteenFish Help Centre

Interim Educational Supervisor Review (iESR) – FourteenFish Help Centre

GP UUC/OOH Log Sheet



     ESR signed off by Thursday 4th January 2024 / ARCP Panel on Thursday 11th January 2024



      ESR signed off by Thursday 11th January 2023 / ARCP Panel on Thursday 18th January 2024



     Thursday 18th January 2024



     ESR signed off by Thursday 18th January / ARCP Panel on Thursday 25th January


    ST1 – ESR 2 SUBMISSION BY Friday 24th May 2024
    ARCPS Panel on Thursday 6th June 2024
  • ST2 – ESR 2 SUBMISSION BY Friday 31st May 2024
    ARCPS Panel on Thursday 13th June 2024
  • ST3 – ESR 2 SUBMISSION BY Friday 7th June 2024
    ARCPS Panel on Thursday 20th June 2024


Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) builds up a qualitative picture of a trainees performance in training. The evidence trainees collect in their ePortfolio is reviewed at least every 12 months in the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP).

For full time trainees, an ARCP is held at least once every 12 calendar months. It is not unusual for trainees to have more than one ARCP within a 12-month period if needed. Less than full time trainees should have an ARCP not less than annually but at intervals of no more than 15 months (to comply with the revalidation requirement) but may need an ARCP at a critical progression point in training.

Reviews can also be conducted more frequently if there is a need to deal with progression issues outside the annual review.

The ARCP Panels role is:

  • To review trainees progression based on the evidence presented in their ePortfolio and make judgements/recommendations about their progress against the competences, and whether they are ready to move onto the next stage of training
  • To provide a final statement of a trainees attainment of the competences for general practice - the basis for making a recommendation of satisfactory completion of training (CCT)


Once signed off by the panel chair, ARCP outcomes are recorded on Fourteenfish, accessible through the "training map"

For more information on ARCP outcomes and the panel, please refer to the Gold Guide for Specialty Training - gold-guide-9th-edition-august-2022.pdf (

Form R Quick Guide


Form R Template


All trainees must provide a fully completed Form R ahead of commencement to GP training (Registering Form R) and then ahead of every ARCP.

Forms Rs must be completed and emailed to for pre-checking ahead of every ARCP panel.

Only when the admin team have confirmed the Form R has been completed correctly should the Form R be uploaded to your portfolio under the Compliance Passport Section (Uploading Form R – FourteenFish Help Centre). This needs updated ahead of every ARCP so the most up to date Form R is being referenced.