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Out of Hours

Out of Hours (OOH) training is an important part of GP Training. A total of 108 hours are completed over 18 months in General Practice Training.

All trainees must complete Out of Hours training within their area group & with a registered Out of Hours Clinical Supervisor (see list).

Please see below for further information:

  • In ST2 GP – a minimum of 36 hours must be completed
  • In ST3 GP – a minimum of 72 hours must be completed
  • Sessions should be completed throughout the placement (ie one per month)

  • Please use the RCGP Record of Session Form and upload these to your portfolio. To download the ROS form, please click HERE.
  • Sample RoS Form
  • Trainees are solely responsible for uploading each session as a learning log on their eportfolio prior to ARCP Panel so that they can be viewed successfully. If you do not have these on it may result in an adverse outcome.
  • As of Feb 2020 we no longer require trainees to send each form into GP Specialty Training for payment purposes as this will be left to the Out of Hours Clinical supervisor themselves, however please ensure you sign their form after each session
  • All sessions should be completed, submitted and UUC/OOH Log Sheet (found below) uploaded to ePortfolio prior to the ARCP Panel

OOH Information Booklet

Curriculum Map
Baseline Needs Assessment Tool
Record of Progression

GP UUC/OOH Log Sheet

From Feb 2020 we are changing the system whereby the clinical supervisors now must submit an Out of Hours Supervision Payment request form.

This is aimed at making payments more prompt to supervisors by putting them in control of sending the forms in instead of the trainees. Please note this is a pilot over the next 6 months and if it works well we will continue to adopt this method.

  • Where possible OOH experience and training will be supervised and conducted by a GP Trainee’s usual GP Trainer or, if this is not possible then clinical supervision in OOH training may be carried out by an accredited Clinical Supervisor (CS).
  • Current OOH Clinical Supervisor List - April 2024

The Trainee Workbook & Guidance documents are currently under review, if you have any suggestions we would be grateful for your feedback by emailing