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For general information relating to the process of NIMDTA sponsorship for GP specialty training, please follow this link Immigration (

You will also find a large list of FAQs.

All GP specialty trainees who have NIMDTA as their Visa sponsor should receive an email from NIMDTA approximately 12 weeks before their CCT date.

This email will ask if you wish to apply to NIMDTA for a 4 month extension after you CCT to allow you more time to find a Visa sponsor.

We are very keen to keep you in Northern Ireland as part of our workforce.

To explain the current Visa sponsor (Job) opportunities better (January 2024), please watch the webinar at link Careers After CCT Information Webinar on Vimeo

For the password, contact

The webinar includes Visa sponsor organisations talking about the jobs they offer, and you will also hear from 2 IMGs post CCT who have taken roles in NI with 2 different Visa sponsors

The presentations in the video are available here;

IMG Visa Sponsor

GPNI - IMGs Job Opportunities

You can also find more information on our GPNI Careers website at this link Visa Sponsor Job opportunities — GPNI Careers

For more information on job options post CCT contact