After your Appraisal including how to claim an appraisal payment (if eligible)

Following your appraisal you should retain:

  • All information brought to the appraisal including Forms 1-3
  • Completed Form 4 and PDP
  • Completed Form 6
  • All completed Form CP 2a

All of the above should be signed and dated. Please complete the following surveys:

  • Q3 Appraisee Evaluation Form

For your information, following your appraisal your Appraiser will submit the following forms to NIMDTA:

  • Form 6 – It must be signed and dated by both yourself and your appraiser to confirm your appraisal has taken place.

Guidance for sessional doctors to claim payment for appraisal:

  • Appraisal Claim Form
  • Payment for Appraisal – Information Sheet