Applying for your Appraisal

Applying for your Appraisal

You must not to arrange an appraisal with the same Appraiser for more than 3 consecutive years and that you should not book with that Appraiser again for 2 subsequent years.

If you have not undertaken an appraisal within the previous appraisal year due to extenuating circumstances, you are only required to complete one appraisal in the current appraisal year. You do not need to complete two appraisals in the same appraisal year. See FAQs for further details.

The first step in organising your appraisal is to complete and submit a Registration & Declaration Form.

The 2023-2024 Registration and Declaration Form will be available in due course. Thank you for your patience.

(As in previous years this form is to be emailed to the appraisal team, see the guidance below) On receipt of your Registration and Declaration Form, NIMDTA will:

  • Send you a confirmation email within 2 working days. Please contact us on 028 9536 0218 if you do not receive this.
  • Contact an appraiser on your behalf.  Your appraiser will contact you to arrange a suitable date, time and venue.

Please do not arrange an appraisal date with an appraiser before sending in your GP Appraisal Registration and Declaration Form.

Please be advised, you may be entitled to a £300 payment towards your appraisal depending on your status.  Please see Guidance to Appraisee document for further details.

Guidance on how to download a Registration and Declaration Form
  • Click on the link above and save the form onto your computer by File and Save As. Close the website page.
  • Complete your saved form by typing on the grey boxes.
  • Save and Send the form as a MS Word attachment only; and send by e-mail to (Please note we are NOT able to open documents in Pages or through online document links)