Guidance on Timing of Appraisal Before Revalidation

  • 2Your revalidation date is available from the GMC online. It is each doctor’s responsibility to check this date and plan their appraisal accordingly. It is essential the revalidation date is included on the R&D form completed when booking an appraisal.
  • Appraisal should be booked 5-9 weeks prior to the revalidation date.
  • Your Patient Colleague Feedback (PCF) report must be available for discussion at the appraisal before revalidation. If the appraisal is arranged outside of these time frames, it is possible that the PCF report will not be available for discussion at the appraisal.
  • Please note for those revalidating around April & May of any year some planning is required as the 5 to 9 weeks’ timeframe falls between two appraisal years (see examples below).
    • If you have a revalidation date falling around April / May or you have a query about when to schedule your appraisal please feel free to contact us at alternatively discuss with your appraiser or contact
    • For those GPs who have already completed PCF within the last 5 years but not before the last revalidation date, (for example an MSF completed in ST3 year); local processes dictate that these appraisals must take place no more than six months before the revalidation date, it is still preferable that the appraisal takes place closer to the revalidation date.[/expand]