GP Induction and Refresher Scheme

The scheme is designed to support GPs who have left and wish to return to practice in Northern Ireland and to induct GPs to the workforce in N Ireland who have not previously worked in NHS General Practice.

Anyone who wishes to practice as a GP in N Ireland and who has not been on the Performers List for 2 years or more, or has no previous general practice experience in the UK, will need to firstly apply to the Northern Ireland Performers List.  TO do this you must first be on the GMC GP Register.

Once you have been accepted on to the I+R scheme you will be contacted by NIMDTA to discuss the stages in the process.

You may need to complete a learning needs assessment or submit a portfolio of evidence (if working in a similar health care setting elsewhere in the world):

If you are new to the UK you may also find the information below helpful:

For further information about the scheme please contact:

Health and Social Care Board who manage the scheme –

Dr Louise Sands (Associate Director GP Career Development),  the educational lead – 

Mrs Caroline Diver, the NIMDTA Admin Lead –

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